Tiny House Bathroom Design

I’m finishing up the design on our bathroom wall and the bathroom itself, so once that is done, I can get that shit built and get this thing finished! Enjoy the video describing the Japanese Ofuro Tub I’ll be building and installing.

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  • CAT

    This looks like a pretty cool program? Comes with MAC? That is an incredible design for a tub. Took me a minute to figure it out. Can’t wait to see this thing all done up. Put a dummy in it for some perspective. :) Thanks for the vid.CAT

    • http://www.caseyfriday.com/ Casey Friday

      It’s Trimble Sketchup (used to be Google Sketchup). It’s free . Pretty fun to use!

      I agree – it’s a great design, and I’m really excited to see it in the house.

  • Fo Reals Life

    I love the bathroom. I have been searching around for pictures or video of anyone using the ofuro tub plans but have yet to see a finished product. Looking forward to seeing yours!