We Went to Chicago

Jess and I just got back from a trip to Chicago, so that her business – Jack Friday Shop – could be featured in the Renegade Maker’s Faire. We had an absolute blast in Chicago, and we loved it so much that we would actually consider moving there (either temporarily or semi-permanently).

I snapped a couple pictures with my Panasonic Lumix LX5, and I am thrilled with how they came out. I was worried during my last photo shoot review that it might be time for a camera upgrade, but after looking at these photos, I’m fully happy with my Leica glass again.

I know I haven’t posted about the house in a while, but I’ll be getting back into it hot and heavy as soon as I get another good web development gig. I did recently shoot a walkthrough video, so I’ll post that up here as soon as I edit it in iMovie. For now, enjoy these lovely pictures of the Windy City!

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