PSA: Space Heater Safety and TV Deals

PSA - Space Heater Safety and 4K HDR Roku TV Deal

Hey, Internet.  Anyone still reading this? I often come across good articles, but I don’t feel like sharing on Twitter, since I have so few followers, and I so rarely go on Facebook that I don’t see the point sharing there.  In lieu of that, here you go! Winter Safety – Space Heaters When …


ScannerPro 7

Productivity Hacks - Episode 1 - ScannerPro 7

If you’ve been scanning your documents with a portable USB scanner, flatbed, or all-in-one printer, you’ve been doing it all wrong!

In this Pilot Episode, I’ll be discussing how I use Scanner Pro to hack my productivity, and make it very easy to reference any document I’ve received, even while away from my house, with only my phone.

Check out ScannerPro 7 for yourself on the App Store!