Brandon Boyd – The Wild Trapeze

I have been an Incubus fanboy for a long time now.  Yes, I know people who have known about the band for longer than I have, but I don’t know many people who feel the way I do about Incubus (or who know as many Incubus lyrics as I).  With the release of Brandon Boyd’s new solo album, I’m not just excited about the music.  I’m proud of him.

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I first discovered Incubus – via their Morning View album – in 2002.  Morning View introduced me to a type of music I’d never heard before.  Just a Phase has continued to be my favorite Incubus song since I heard it the first time.  There’s something about the asymmetric symmetry in the music that keeps me listening.  I know that doesn’t make sense in writing, but it makes aural sense.

I’ve been to three Incubus concerts – two in Austin and one in Columbus.  They were each spectacular for their own individual reasons.  However, one thing remained the same.  The band was always completely in state for the entirety of their performances.  There wasn’t a single moment that they weren’t being true to the music, the fans, and themselves.  What more can you ask for from a group of musicians?  I think the true judge of musical talent is the ability to sound just as good live as recorded.  Incubus consistently sounds better in a live performance setting than they do in the recording studio, and that’s a rarity.

As proud as I was of Mike Einziger’s enrolling in Harvard to further his musical knowledge, I am equally proud of Brandon Boyd for releasing a solo album.  I am proud of these guys for not taking the easy road.  They could have breezed through a new Incubus album and called it a day; however, they chose to pursue their own personal development.  When you take care of yourself first, you take care of those around you.  Their renewed and fortified inner strength will build up everyone they come in contact with, including their band.

The Wild Trapeze is a fantastic album, peppered with hints of Incubus and salted with Brandon’s unique style.  This album doesn’t eradicate the success of any other Incubus album, nor does it spell out its own demise.  It is simply a reminder that it’s healthy to step away from routine every once in a while.  It’s nice to know that you can simply express yourself, so as to create a mental progress report of your own life. 

I really enjoy the album, but it’s not groundbreaking.  And I find that incredibly refreshing.

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