Fun In Real Life – Use An Alias

Alias - Jennifer Garner

Remember that awesome show where Jennifer Garner was a total badass?  (Is she ever not a total badass?)  As an aside, guess what other show was/is awesome?  Lost.  Similarities?  JJ Abrams.  Anyway, didn’t you totally want to be a badass like Sidney Bristow?  I had other influences, but we’re on the same page here.

Speaking of said other influences, I (purchased and) downloaded the soundtrack to The Bourne Identity.  Every time a track from the film makes it onto my iPod’s smart playlist, I want to perform some sort of rogue spy operation the instant I hear it.  The problem lies in that I’m not a rogue spy, and I’m not an assassin.

When I go to places that need to call out my name for an order, like Einstein Bros Bagels, I use an alias.  It’s almost always either Jason or David.  My name is Casey (as you should know), and for whatever reason, some people have a hard time understanding that when I say it out loud.  Even if they do understand it, they might not know how to spell it, further confusing matters.  My solution is to offer a phonetically friendly name.

During my tenure at university, I utilized an appellation of ‘Jason’ for the most part.  I used it so much that the Einstein Bros employees actually learned my name to be Jason.  They would say, “Hey, Jason, how’s it going?” when I walked in.  It would never cease to confuse my friends who were not in on it. 

The awesome part about it though, is that it’s always fun and it keeps me on my toes.  I still do it.  It forces me to think actively.  If I let my mental guard down for just a second, I could miss my name being called out and therefore miss my bagel.  Not cool.  What do you do to spice up your life in a nerdy way?

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