July 2010 – Miles, Points, and Deals Roundup (89,842)

This is the part of the show where I will be rounding up some great opportunities to earn frequent flyer miles, hotel points, and other various deals that can be used to lessen (if not eradicate) the cost of travel.  I will also be posting my progress in obtaining miles without flying.  The number you see in the post title is the number of miles/points I’ve accumulated.

Casey Friday Award Wallet

Disclaimer:  I do not condone debt.  I sign up for credit card offers solely for the miles – not for the use of the credit card.  I will always try to include deals that do not involve using credit, and if you are in debt, I highly suggest you stay away from credit card offers.  I am also not affiliated with any of the offers below.  I am simply sharing them (with no affiliate links).

I will be posting five active deals from each category: frequent flyer miles, hotel points, and rental car points.  These offers are current right now, so there’s a high chance that if you don’t keep up with this blog often, the offers will be expired.  However, I will be posting a point roundup at the end of every month, so if you’ve missed out on these offers, be sure to check back next month for more!

Frequent Flyer Miles Offers (non-credit)

Hotel Points/Deals (non-credit)

Rental Points/Deals (non-credit)

That’s it for this edition of Miles, Points and Deals Roundup!  If you have any awesome deals to add, share them in the comments!

8 Replies to “July 2010 – Miles, Points, and Deals Roundup (89,842)”

  1. Remember the trips we took with the free hotel rooms, free airline tickes, free rental cars. You really can travel almost for free if you accumulate the miles and make sure you get credit for everything.

  2. I guess you were pretty young when we went. We flew 1st class, allways sitting on the first row. You and Marshall were such good travelers.

  3. Casey: I came across your website while my son was searching for an article online, for a school project. My husband is in finance, so I took a personal interest in your page. After reading some of your posts, I became a bit concerned. Have you consulted with a DTPA lawyer about what you are doing, as well as suggesting? Are you aware of the DTPA (Deceptive Trade Practices Act) rules, regulations, etc.? The internet is a double edged sword, which I’m sure you most definitely know. While it can be extremely helpful, it can also be your worst enemy. Perhaps you should look into this before you continue with your financial advice online and dig yourself in a legal mess difficult to get out of. As a mother, I am always looking out for my children and I couldn’t help but reach out to you. Best of luck to you! *MV*

  4. I haven’t looked into that, but issuing some sort of disclaimer is a really good idea. Thank you for bringing it to my attention. I’m most certainly not trying to be deceptive in any way, but I’d rather be safe than sorry! Thanks, Maria!

  5. Anytime Casey. I’ve come to enjoy your blogging now and would hate for you to not be thoroughly informed. I agree better safe than sorry! 🙂 *MV*

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