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When things really start to work in your relationship, you’ll know.  You’ll know what the feeling means, and you’ll know what needs to be done to keep that feeling.  However, if you haven’t found that magical place yet, let me explain what it feels like.  It can be described in one word: peace.

A relationship can be absolutely beautiful or incredibly destructive.  Your goal is to get your connection with your lover as close to the former as possible.  Although there are tools to use when aiming for relational bliss, it’s healthy to know what the view from the top looks like, so you have something to aim for.

When all of the hard work you put into your relationship pays off, all the things that previously plagued you will be gone.  In a way, you’ll achieve the opposite of these things.  The dregs of a relationship include argument, discomfort, disagreement, and unhappiness.  These are all components of stress.  When your life is loaded with constant stress, you will be too overloaded to give anything a full effort.

Imagine now, an existence free of stress.  Imagine everything in perfect sync, like the gears of a freshly oiled engine.  Everything shifts when it needs to, and it’s almost as if you’ve found a sort of “autopilot”; however, there’s nothing happening that you aren’t in complete control of.  No matter how well things are going, they’re going that way because you put in the effort to get them that way.

This is the peak of relational bliss.  This is complete peace.  You have dedicated so much effort into your relationship that it’s now second nature to you.  I would never suggest becoming complacent about something you do well.  Letting a successful routine fall into a lull will surely lead it to failure.  That’s why you have to stay at the wheel to make sure everything continues to operate smoothly.

The peace found in your relationship will transfer to other areas of your life.  Your work will have more meaning to you, your passions will bring out more passion in you, and your dreams will be richer.  Although anything worth having always takes an effort, this is perhaps the most valuable investment you will ever make.  Sharing your life with someone you love is the penultimate in worth and value.

The road to happiness is paved with trials and tribulations, but once you make it to the top, there’s peace to be had.  Don’t give up, and don’t ever be anything less than exceptional.

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  1. I will add: it takes work and work and push and pull to get there. But as long as you're in it together, it'll happen. I never though that was possible until yesterday. 🙂 And like you said, it takes refining and tuning and more effort. But it's worth it.

    I love you.

  2. Edit – Yes. Completely hypothetical.

    Edit 2 – from google definitions –
    lover – a person who loves someone or is loved by someone

    Edit 3 – yes, perhaps I'm naïve.

    Mostly. I'm trying to be more direct with my words so that they might be more personal, rather than simple generalizations. All of my posts are hypothetical – in a sense – but I want to connect more with my readers.

    Thanks for asking – it feels good to understand and explain my intentions!

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