The Best Relationship Advice Book You’ve Ever Read – For Free!


Note: Although Preserving Bliss was introduced for free, you can now find it at its product page for $5.99.

Hello, Internet!  Casey Friday here.  I just wanted to let you know that I’ll be releasing my first e-book next Friday, 6 August!  The book will include tons of useful information for improving a flailing relationship or keeping a fantastic connection fantastic!

Although the information in the book is worth approximately $12.99, I will be introducing the book for the low, low price of FREE!  I encourage its promulgation, through whatever medium is necessary!  You want to share it with a friend?  Go for it!  Want to email it to your neighbor?  Go for it!  Want to pass a copy on a flash drive to your dog?  Be my guest!

So that’s what’s going on at!  There will also be some design changes to the site, which I hope will be met with a smile of OCD relief from all who view it!

Thank you, my loyal readers!  I hope you’ll consider this book a token of my gratitude for your readership!  Continue to live with passion!

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