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Cutest Bijon Frise

Why do we give up on things?  Why do we get bored with work and start producing less?  Why do we stop trying when we’re disappointed?  I think about these things all the time, but lately I’ve been more interested.  It’s very easy to get pulled down into a rut, but there is a way to stay on top.  It’s not easy, but it’s possible.

When you have been working on something for a long time, and you don’t see any results, the easiest thing to do is give up.  However, if you do give up, there is a 100% chance that you won’t succeed.  Those simple yet brilliant words come from the lips of my unbelievably awesome soul mate.  I told her that I was feeling down about a lot of things right now.  I told her that I felt like I was being pushed in a corner with my failing vehicle, that my profession was boring me beyond belief, and that my blog is so unpopular that there’s no reason to keep posting to it.

I even admitted that I knew this is the point that every successful person comes across.  Everything seems futile, and they keep on pushing.  That’s how they become so successful.  They don’t let the moment grab hold of their bigger goals.  And that’s when Jessica told me that I’m sure to fail if I give up.  Granted, I have also been quite sick for the past five days, but that’s no excuse for being absent here.

When it feels like everything is falling down around you, it almost makes you think If I were to die tomorrow, would I be okay with how I lived my life?  I know that’s heavy, but it’s important to think about it.  What do you have to do to feel accomplished?  Do you have to write a novel?  Do you have to star in a feature film?  Save the lives of seven people?  I claim that you don’t have to do any of these to live a fulfilling life.  There’s only one thing you need to do.

Be stellar.  Be stellar in everything you do.  Whether it’s a job you don’t like, or a project that seems futile – be stellar.  Do a fantastic job, even when you think it doesn’t matter.  How would you feel about your side projects if they were incomplete, yet you were giving them everything you had?  You’d feel good about them.  You would want to finish them.

I fear this blog isn’t good enough and won’t reach enough people.  How will I remedy that?  I’ll be stellar.  I will continue to provide you with excellent content.  When I’m more concerned with providing excellent content than I am about the visitor count, you get better material.  That is why I choose to be stellar.  When you’re in the throws of failure, vividly imagine yourself succeeding.  I guarantee you it will change your perspective.

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  1. I love the dog! Is that yours and your girl friends? What kind is it? My kids are trying to convince us to let them have one and I’m looking into a small breed that sheds little to no hair. *MV*

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