Preserving Bliss – How To Create And Maintain A Happy Relationship

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Hello, dear readers!  Today is Friday, and as promised, I am releasing my relationship guide “Preserving Bliss” today!  It is currently selling for the low price of $5.99!  I’ve put quite a bit of effort into this guide, and I really hope you will get a lot out of it.  I want you to be as happy in your relationship as I am in mine, and I guarantee you that this guide will help.

Make sure you have a fantastic PDF reader (Adobe Reader, Preview, etc…) and head over to the product page to order your copy of Preserving Bliss!

What you will get from this guide:

  • Why You Should Value Your Relationship
  • How To Improve Your Listening Skills
  • How To Add An Element Of Surprise To Your Relationship
  • How To Communicate More Effectively
  • much more…

All I Ask Of You

Do you like it?  Did you learn something new?  Do you have a new perspective now?  All I ask is that you let me know what you thought of the e-book, and tell someone else about it.  That’s it!

Thank you so much for being loyal readers!  Remember to always live with passion!

7 Replies to “Preserving Bliss – How To Create And Maintain A Happy Relationship”

  1. Do you do a special post every Friday? What kind of last name is Friday? Is it a made up name that you use, so your personal identity is not divulged? *MV*

  2. Maria,

    I do try to do something special every Friday. No, it’s not a made up name, it really is my name. I have been told that it’s of German descent, but who really knows with a day of the week, right? 🙂

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