What’s Your Dream? (Get Off Your Ass And Go Get It)

The Greatest Mall on Earth

 What is your dream?  What do you love?  Who do you love?  What do you want?  Who do you want to be with?  Why are you not pursuing your dream now?

I was inspired by a real kickass guy today.  On the topic of burnout, he said:

The first question to ask yourself is: “Is this what I really want to be doing?”

What a fantastic question.  This is a question that many people fear.  They fear it so much, in fact, that they hide it away so they won’t ever have to deal with it.  If you don’t know what you want to be doing, you’ll be complacent with anything!

Do you want to be a chef?  Do you want to be a stunt person?  A pilot?  An oil rig operator?  Is what you’re doing now what you really want to be doing?

Start Now

If you’re not doing what you want to be doing, get off your ass and start now.  It’s time.  You don’t have another day to waste being mediocre.  You need to shine, and you’ll only shine if you’re doing what you love.  Remember when I said I was going to learn a song on guitar and record it by September 30?  I’ve learned the guitar part, and I’m working on the singing part now.  I’m holding up my end of the bargain – it’s time for you to hold up yours.

You don’t owe it to me.

You owe it to yourself.

Stop settling.

Stop making excuses.

Stop being good.  Be great.

Unleash the dream within you.

Make others envy your passion.

Start right now.

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