Award Wallet and Its Magic


I often use screenshots from on my blog, and it’s about time I give them credit for the awesomeness they are.  You might notice my SPG account has taken a large plunge.  More on that later.

There are a few things that make AwardWallet awesome.  Here they are:

  • Consolidated Totals
  • Goals
  • Trip Management

And now I’ll explain why they rock at each of these.

Consolidated Totals

As you can see from the screenshot above, when I log into AwardWallet, as long as I click “Active Accounts,” it pulls up every account that has a total in it.  The passwords can either be stored locally (on your computer, in the form of cookies) or on AwardWallet’s server.  I chose to keep them with AwardWallet because I switch computers often.

Once I type my passwords into AwardWallet, I never have to remember my Points/Miles memberships passwords.  (The fact that I do remember them, due to my OCD, is beyond the point.)  It’s quick access to all my mileage totals, so if I want to book an award flight/stay somewhere, I can quickly scan my totals and choose which program I’ll be using for the booking.


You probably noticed the blue bars on my CO and AA accounts that look like a “battery status” bar.  This is AwardWallet’s “Goals” feature.  I can list how many miles I’d like to attain, and AwardWallet shows me just how close I am to those goals.  It’s simple, but it adds to the total “at-a-glance” nature of the site.  It’s just another thing that makes AW awesome.

Trip Management

Trip Management is perhaps one of the coolest features of AwardWallet.  When I book a trip through any of the airlines/hotels of which I’m a member, AwardWallet knows about it.  When AW gets notice of my booking, it automatically creates a “Travel Plan.”  I’m sent a reminder when the trip is upon me.  It’s not the reason I use AwardWallet, but it’s a huge benefit.


If you’re already addicted to the miles/points game, or if you’re just getting started, AwardWallet is an excellent way to track your points.  There are other sites that do the same thing in different ways, but I haven’t used them and I really don’t see any need to.  AwardWallet is awesome, and it gets the job done.

3 Replies to “Award Wallet and Its Magic”

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  2. How do you post a screen shot to your blog?
    I, too, do award wallet. Love it! I started collecting miles years ago, but in Oct 2010, like you, really started to get into it. I went from 345,000 points to 576,741 and I am still waiting for more to post!

    1. On Windows, you can press the “print screen” button, then open Microsoft Paint and press “ctrl v” – and then you’ll be able to work with the screenshot. Once you’ve got that, you can upload it to your blog just like any other image. 🙂

      You’re definitely topping me in miles! I’m working to get a ludicrous amount of miles. It’s just a matter of time/dedication now.

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