Say No To Your Impulses, Say Yes To Happiness


Today, after I finished my lunch, I had a craving for a Snickers.  Isn’t Snickers freaking delicious?  Nougaty, peanuty, Snackopolis.  It’s just flipping good.  And I wanted one.  But I also want to lose about 30 pounds and be healthier in general.  The problem is, how do you keep yourself from eating a Snickers when you want one?

I have a trick, and it works very well (for me, at least).  The best way to master a skill is to model those who have already mastered said skill, so go ahead and try this.  This tip is about food impulses, but it can work for other impulses/urges as well.  Here’s the progression:

  1. Finish Lunch
  2. Want Snickers
  3. Start to walk to the break room/vending machine
  4. Rethink it

We’ll take a quick break, and get right back to the progression.  Here’s why you should rethink that Snickers.  A Snickers bar has 271 calories.  I would have to go for a 15 minute run to burn those calories off.  And that’s not even counting everything else I’ve eaten.  Is it worth it?  Nah.  How much enjoyment do you get out of a Snickers – 3 minutes?  LAME!  So how am I going to get over the urge?

  1. Grab some water
  2. While taking a swig of water, imagine eating the gooey delicious candy bar
  3. Continue to drink water, while imagining eating the whole damn candy bar.
  4. Make it a King Size
  5. Urge = gone

This has worked for me for many years, when I’m dieting.  One of my biggest problems is that I eat out of boredom.  That’s not really the same as eating impulsively, but it’s in the same realm.

If this works to eliminate your daily Snickers bar, what else could it eliminate?  Maybe you’re driving a nice car, but you want a nicer one.  Why not pretend that you’re in the nicer one while you drive your current car, and by the time you’ve had a fantastic experience, you’ll realize that you spend a tiny percentage of your life in a car anyway.  (Disclaimer: I love cars, so this is not a slam on people who love cars.)

I know this is off my beaten path, so I promise to return to travel/relationship content on my next post.  Now go don’t eat a Snickers.

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