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AA Wine and Trail Mix

As sweet chesapeake and I jetted off from MIA to EYW, the AA flight attendant saw our Mickey wedding hats.  She was very sweet and told us that she had just been married in California the week prior.  We all exchanged (genuine) warm smiles, and continued along on the tiny turbo-prop down to EYW.  When we landed, she came up to us and handed over a barf-bag full of two bottles of wine and some trail mix (seen above).

She said, “This is for tonight.  Congratulations!”  Was it because we had our Mickey hats on?  Or was it just because we were nice?  It was absolutely a combination of both.  Case in point: on our return trip, we were delayed in DFW for about two hours.  I decided I would let the folks at AA know about it, and here’s what came of it.

Last week, I celebrated my marriage and honeymoon with my wife.  We had a blast getting married in Disney World, and honeymooning/relaxing in Key West!  On our return trip, we flew from EYW to MIA, then from MIA to DFW.  Our final leg was from DFW to SAT – and it was a bit of a disappointment.  We were very tired and ready to be home.  The flight was supposed to depart at 11:55, but it didn’t end up departing until 1:40 – the time that we thought we’d be snug in our new home already.

Because of the delay, we sat on the plane at the gate for a while, and it smelled of jet fuel the whole time.  There were some mechanical problems with the intended aircraft, so we ended up switching planes.

Our wedding/honeymoon were going great right up until the end, where we were met with this inconvenience.  The AA staff was great, and my wife (AA# XXXXXXX) and I know that AA will make this unfortunate situation right with us.  We’re looking to take a Round-The-World trip soon, and we’d love to do it with AA!

We look forward to your rectifying the situation.

Casey Friday

And here is the response.

Dear Mr. Friday:

I’m so sorry you had difficulty on your honeymoon trip and hope that the inconveniences you endured don’t detract from the wonderful memories and experiences you share.

While on-time performance is a top priority at American, the many uncontrollable factors associated with air travel make some delays and cancellations inevitable. Nevertheless, we should always do everything possible to make such situations a little less frustrating and we are concerned that we didn’t do so on this particular occasion.

To say “we’re sorry” in a tangible way, we’ve credited each of  your AAdvantage® accounts with 3,000 bonus miles.  This adjustment should be reflected in your account very soon.

Mr. Friday, we know your time is valuable and we’ll do our very best to restore your confidence in our ability to get you where you are going — as planned.  We will look forward to welcoming you aboard again soon.


Jill A. Christensen
Customer Relations
American Airlines

So there you have it.  A total of 6,000 miles just for letting them know about our trip.  I was kind, concise, and didn’t rant uncontrollably.  That’s how letters to airlines should be.  Would you want to give someone consolation miles if they threw expletives at you left and right?  Didn’t think so.

Here’s the deal.  I love Southwest.  I only recently discovered that air travel is not glamorous (unless you’re in first on an international flight – THAT can be nice).  So for most domestic flights, you’re really going to do best flying Southwest.  However, if AA wants to court me with miles bonuses and good deals, I’ll fly them.  The flight is only a short period of the trip as a whole, so I’ll make a sacrifice if the airline gives me reason to.

Try this with other memberships too.  Tell the cable company what you want to be paying.  Tell your cell phone provider how much of a discount you want to feel like an appreciated customer (or tell them to SUCK IT! *for kippi*).  Your mileage may vary, and your chances might be slim in some cases, but your chances are zero if you don’t try.

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  1. I love that you follow up with these things. Can’t blame the blue eyed trance because it was via mail, unless you sent a photo. Wait, had you sent a photo you’d probably have gotten 10,000 miles each.

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