Happy Friday! Wedding Photos!

Jonathan CanlasThis, my friends, is Jonathan Canlas.  He shot our wedding.  I firmly believe he has magical powers.  He is certainly one of the best, if not the best photographer in the world.

Our wedding photos are here.  They are freaking awesome, and they are so good that you can actually get a feel for what the wedding was like, just by looking at them.  Not just the location, but you can actually feel the emotions.  You can feel the breeze.  You can feel the sun beating down.  And you can feel the magic of Disney World.

If you fancy any of them, you can order individual prints from the previously mentioned site.

More than anything, I want you to be able to share with us in the magic we experienced at Disney World.  Before Jon even knew who we were, Jessica’s number one concern with the wedding was that she wouldn’t like the photographer.  It was an easy assumption to make, because well, the Disney photographers suck.

Keeping well away from a wishing mentality, I jumped right into action.  I emailed Jon, and asked if he was free for Valentine’s Day at Disney World.  Not only was he free, he was bewildered and amazed at the concept of a V-Day wedding at Disney.

I went to lunch with Jessica and told her I had some good and bad news.  I said, “Well, I emailed Jonathan Canlas to see about shooting our wedding.”  Her eyes lit up, and she stared directly at me.  I continued, “The bad news is… well, there really isn’t any bad news, because he’s free to shoot our wedding!”  I got the mother load of hugs at that point.

We conference called him, explained how much of an icon he is to us (especially to Jessica), and arranged for him to shoot our wedding.  February 14 came, and so did Jon.  He snuck around like a film photographing ninja, capturing memories we weren’t even aware of.  He was kind, comical, and communicative.  We couldn’t have asked for a better addition to our wedding.

The photos speak for themselves.  Film is irrefutably not dead.  Now we don’t only have memories of our very special day, we have beautiful memories.  Thank you, Jon.

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