How To Win VZW’s Droid Charge Landing Contest

Droid Charge Landing Answer

The theme, as of late, has been about making money online.  A very important aspect of making money online is entering lots and lots of contests.  (I will dedicate an entire article to this soon.)  Today, we’ll focus on a current contest – the Droid Charge Landing contest.

Droid Charge LandingWhen you run a “scan” on (on your phone) or, you get results in the form of a complex number.  For example, I got these results from one of my scans:

++7.67764e+11 + -3.00415e+11i++

Pretty straightforward, right?  So what are you supposed to do with that complex number?  If you look at the map above, the “South” map is centered on an area Southwest of San Antonio, TX.

How does the complex number fit in?


If you plug this complex number in to Wolfram Alpha, you get these results.

Wolfram Alpha Droid Charge Landing

Take a look at the “Position in the complex plane.”  Notice anything there?  The red dot is your main clue.  Run all of the “codes” you get through Wolfram Alpha’s search engine, and take a look at each of the complex plane graphs.  You will see a pattern that will explain how to manipulate the section of Google maps they show you in your area.  Once you put all of the graphs together, it will become more apparent where the hidden Droid charge is.

Report back with your findings, and share where you found the hidden Droid Charge in your location!

When you run a “scan” on,

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  1. I don’t think this is right. I think the Scanner is only to get entries into the free drawing, and doesn’t really have anything to do with the hidden locations. You’ll notice the numbers change every time.

    However, finding the location is quite easy. On the Charge Landing site, they give you the Google Map of the hidden phone. The thing about Google Maps is if you embed one on your site, the Google logo in the lower left corner takes you to the Google Maps page of that location. You then just need to do the zooming in yourself. If you zoom in far enough you can get an idea of the best places it might be.

    Then just wait for the Twitter clue for confirmation.

    Look at the locations that have found phones. This has been proven to work.

  2. After looking at several of the Complex Plane results from 7 different scans, I can see that the red dot is a point on a circle around the center. All the scans give you are points on a circle, the center of which is probably at or near the location of the hidden Charge.

    1. Yeah, it’s pretty well-involved. I think the actual key to the game is being in the vicinity of the center of the map when VZW tweets the location of the Droid Charge. You just have to get there first. Kind of lame compared to Google’s Nexus challenges…

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