Dedication and Perseverance (Make Money Online – Day 4)

PerseveranceI’m taking this opportunity to interrupt your normal “Make Money Online” series with some advice that will serve as the glue, holding your online money-making structure together.  You won’t be learning any tips on how to literally make money today, but if you don’t master this aspect of the game, you won’t make anything at all.

When I first started making money online, I was heavily focused on re-selling things.  The fifth thing I re-sold was a set of computer RAM sticks.  I listed them on eBay and waited for bites.  They ended up selling at a $3 loss.  I thought to myself, Great, now I’m losing money on this venture.  Is this even worth it?

Absolutely it’s worth it.  If I gave up then, I never would have reached my true potential.  The point is that you will mess up.  You will fail.  You will feel like quitting, but you can’t quit.  The people who are truly successful are those who push past the failures until they are a laughable triviality in the grand scheme of things.

This goes for anything.  You won’t succeed in the long run unless you’re willing to learn from your mistakes. I could have quit re-selling when the RAM sold at a loss, but instead, I decided to improve my selling strategy.  I started the eBay bids at a higher price.  It was a simple decision, but a powerful one.

When one thing fails, try another.  If re-selling isn’t working, change your approach.  If you’re having trouble with craigslist, ask someone for help.  Hell, ask me for help.  By all means though, don’t quit.  Quitting is a surefire way to fail.

If you have enough dedication and perseverance – if you really want a life of freedom – you can do this.  Making money online isn’t for everyone; it’s for those who care enough to give what it takes.  Are you that person?

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  1. Most people walk away from failure. Actually, most people walk away before they even fail because of the fear of failure. So I think if you’ve reached the point where you make a mistake, you’re doing really well.

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