Win Contests and Sweepstakes (Make Money Online – Day 3)

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So you still want to make money online?  This is one of the funnest ways to make money online.  Few people have the dedication required to make money through winning contests, but if you put forth the effort, it can be one of the most rewarding hobbies you’ll ever have.  Let’s get right into it!

Set Up A New E-mail Address

If you’re going to be entering contests and sweepstakes, chances are you’ll be getting some junk mail to the email you use to sign up.  My suggestion is that you head over to Google’s headquarters and sign up for a new Gmail account.

The cool thing about Gmail accounts is that if you ever need multiple email addresses for multiple contest entries, Gmail makes that very easy. acts the same as  So does  Get the picture?  Just add periods anywhere in your email address, and they will all still be sent to your account.

Find The Contests/Sweepstakes

Finding the right places to sign up is relatively easy, once you know where to look.  I use two main sources to find the best contests and sweepstakes.  The first place I look is SlickDeals’ “Contests & Sweepstakes” forum.  It is a user-driven forum, so when people find out about new contests, they post them to the forum.  Sure, you won’t hear about every single iPad contest out there, but you’ll get a large number of them.

The other source I use is SweetiesSweeps.  Wendy posts LOADS of contests and sweepstakes on her site.  You can even get a year-long membership to the paid portion of her site (for about $30 a year) and access even MORE sweepstakes.  You can also follow her on twitter for up-to-the-minute updates on the latest contests.

Make a List

One of the most important aspects of contest & sweepstakes entry is making a list of everything you’ve entered.  Whether you want it to be a detailed spreadsheet in Excel (or spreadsheet software of your choice) or you just want something as simple as a saved draft in Gmail (what I do), you need a list.

Looking at your list as it grows will show you all the hard work you’ve put into finding the contests and entering them.  You’ll also watch your odds of winning skyrocket as you add even more to your list.  Here’s my list of iPad Contests.  Pretty massive, eh?  And that’s only iPads.  Imagine how big yours will be when you’re done.

Share In Your Victory

When you when, yell it from the rooftops!  Don’t worry about the cheapskates that want your winnings.  Just tell them to bugger off.  Now, if you win thousands of dollars, you might want to keep that to yourself.  However, if you win little things, let others share in your excitement!

Go forth, and win contests, dear readers.

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  1. In addition to periods in gmail addresses, you can also put “+” signs (I.e. The best part is that you can create filters in Gmail and automatically move them to a folder, archive them, or whatever. That’s what I do when I sign up for a site and know they’re gonna spam me!

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