What Is “The Rich Life”?

Antelope Island UtahAs you may have noticed, I have updated the look of my site.  It is no longer simply caseyfriday dot com, it’s now “The Rich Life”.  So what does it mean?

The Rich Life is a few things.  It’s almost a double entendre, but not quite.  The Rich Life is a life full of happiness.  It’s a life that’s full of variety and spontaneity, as well as generosity and kindness.  It’s about putting your talents and skills out into the universe and seeing what comes back from them.

The Rich Life is about living for the enjoyment of life, not for a simple reward, or to “keep on going”.  It is most definitely not about spinning the wheel.

Enough meta-physical nonsense, here’s what’s really going on here.

I will be covering a few topics in detail, because I don’t think there’s enough understandable information on them in the public domain.  They are as follows:

  • Earning income independent of location or rules
  • Living car-free or car-lite (using bicycles, buses, trains, etc…)
  • Taking risks (monetary, personal, and team-based)
  • Creative hacks with technology

And that’s it.  These four topics have sparked the beginning of my family’s journey into The Rich Life, and the can spark yours too.  It’s all up to you.  Do you want to be like everyone else, or do you want to be “that weird guy with the crazy ideas,” or “that weird girl who’s always bending the rules.”

I’m the weird guy. I wear funny shoes – when I’m wearing shoes.  I don’t sit down much.  I stand up to eat and work, every chance I get.  I love getting deals, and I almost never pay retail for anything.  I don’t like most mainstream music, but Iron and Wine makes me want to punch something.  I communicate with my wife more openly than 99% of the population.  We love to travel, and we do so at least every quarter.  I do some crazy-good impressions.

Your Rich Life is defined by you.  I’ll provide the outline, and you fill in the blanks.

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