AA Citi 75,000 Miles – Update

American Airlines Citi 75,000 milesWell, well!  It looks like I won’t be getting an extra 75,000 miles from American Airlines just yet.  I received a response from them this morning as follows:

We are unable to approve an account for you at this time because of the following:

  • The credit report shows this business is too new to evaluate.

That one was totally my fault.  Just last week, I signed up for an Employer Identification Number, to be used to assist in getting an exemption from the current order limit of coins at the US Mint.  I figured, Hey, why not use this shiny new EIN for the Citi app?

Not such a smart idea, as it was only a week (or maybe less…) old at the time of the application.  I didn’t even think about that, and now I’ll pay the price.  For a little while.  🙂

I’ll be re-applying for the Citi AA Business card in another 60 days, and I’ll get my extra 75,000 miles then.  I only wish I could have used this churn towards something more profitable, like the current Southwest RR 50,000 point promo, or the AMEX 50,000 (or 75,000, or 100,000) Membership Rewards points promo that quite a few people are getting approved for.

I’ll attack it again in 60 days, and I’ll get a slamming deal.  Until next time, I’m watching you, Citi.

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  1. hello?  can you share how you’ll be able to get 75000 again?  seems like that deal died and now citi is offering only 30000.. thanks!

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