P90X Day 8 (Week 2)


  • Chest & Back
  • Ab Ripper X


  • Blue Exercise Band (Heavy)
  • Purple Exercise Band (Very Heavy)
  • Yoga Mat


This is a great workout!  I love the burn I get from it, and I don’t mean that in such a way that would suggest that I love doing Plyometrics.  Hah!  Anyhow, I’m definitely building strength, as I was able to do more pushups on just about every exercise that involved  pushups (as you’ll see on my exercise sheet.  For the pullups, I have started to do an isometric hold at the peak of contraction, and it makes a huge difference.  I really feel the burn with that added isometric hold.  I highly recommend it.

Ab Ripper X didn’t go as well as last time.  My abs were really feeling it, and I was feeling a bit sick during this portion of the workout.  That’s most likely due to my being awake for a good long while before getting up to work out.  Will fix that problem before it happens next time.


Casey Friday P90X Day 8 Casey Friday P90X Day 8

Casey Friday P90X Day 8 Casey Friday P90X Day 8

Exercise Band in Door Attachment
Here's how I do chinups and pullups

Workout Sheet

Casey Friday P90X Day 8


During Workout

Water and Gatorade
1 Glass Water, 1 Glass Gatorade


Corn Chex with Almond Milk
Corn Chex with Almond Milk
Plate of Fresh Fruit
Glass of Water and Orange, Strawberries, Raspberries, and Blueberries


Leek Pesto Pasta w/Grilled Chicken
1/3 Bottle Agave Root Beer, Glass of Water, and Leek Pesto Pasta w/Grilled Chicken


Gluten-free, Dairy-free, Soy-free, Nut-free Beef Tacos
Agave Root Beer and Beef, Rice, Beans, Tomatoes, Avocado, Lime Juice, GF BBQ Sauce Tacos (3)

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