My Vice: Subscription Addiction

Magazine Subscription Addiction

If there’s one thing I can’t get enough of lately, it’s magazines.  It all started with a dwindling SkyMiles account.

One magazine to rule them all

I had about 11,000 SkyMiles (aka SkyPesos) left, and I had absolutely no desire to use them for flying, as I despise Delta.  Naturally, I went to Delta’s miles mall and shopped for something that cost much less than 11,000 that could actually be of use to me.  That was when I found it – The Economist.  It was 2,300 SkyMiles for a yearly subscription.  A steal.

The Economist is easily the best publication I have ever read.  The articles are ridiculously well written, and I think I’ve discovered at least 78 new words in the four issues I’ve read thus far.  The writing is unbiased and intelligent, and the stories literally cover everything happening in the world.  The subscription also comes with an unbelievable Android/iOS app that includes professional (British) newscasters reading each article.

I subscribed to The Economist because I wanted to be more abreast of the current happenings in the world.  This was undoubtedly the best way to achieve that.  I don’t remember every article that I read, but I do find each article fascinating.  Once again, the writing combined with intelligence, smart humour, and a lack of bias make this the best newspaper (magazine) there is.

Freeing the geek in me

As a frequent SlickDealer, I couldn’t pass up the opportunity to get a year-long subscription of Popular Mechanics for only $3.  The articles are titillating and enticing.  The writing isn’t as polished as in The Economist, but come on, it’s Popular Mechanics.  It’s about fun and engineering and new ideas.

I have always enjoyed flipping through the pages of Pop Mech in bookstores, and I enjoy even more being able to free my inner geek by reading this publication before I drift off to sleep at night.

That one that’s just good

Jessica has been a long fan of Fast Company, and at just 600 SkyMiles, I couldn’t pass it up.  I haven’t read my recently received first issue yet, but I’m sure it’s going to further fuel the flame of entrepreneurship that takes me from one venture to the next.  I’ve only read a few articles from past issues, and from them I can say that this magazine is just plain well done.  I’m excited to delve deeper into it.

The obvious one

Entrepreneur magazine.  I’m always thinking up new business ideas, and this magazine does nothing but give me new ideas.  If some random woman in New York can manage to start a cupcake business on a busy street, why can’t anyone do it?  In fact, if this is possible, why are there people camping in the downtown areas of cities all across the US?  (A topic for another time.)

I’ve enjoyed Entrepreneur from a previous year-long subscription, which was got for just $2.  This new subscription was just 400 SkyMiles.  Yet again, another steal.

That’s not a subscription!

Yes, the IKEA catalog is not a subscription, but I do love looking at modern furniture, and I got access to the mailed catalog by joining a brand new IKEA rewards program.  The catalog is free, and because of that, I count it in my subscription addiction.  If you haven’t been to IKEA lately, go.  It is fantastic, and Jessica and I will someday soon decorate our tiny house with IKEA furniture.

Yes, yes, snooty comment here

Another SlickDeal, I found a backdoor in a cheesy online rewards system and was able to score a half-year subscription to The Wall Street Journal for… free.  I recently received the second half-year – from the same program – for the same price = free.

The WSJ is an interesting newspaper.  I really like that it comes every day (except Sunday), and I really like how it smells.  I don’t read every article in the paper, but I’m finding more and more that I become interested in a greater percentage of the articles with each paper that’s delivered.  This is pretty crazy to me, as I never saw myself as the type of person who would read a newspaper.

Granted, I get through each day’s issue in about 30 minutes due to all the skimming, but it’s a really good way to get an overview of what’s going on in the world each day.  Did I mention that newspapers smell awesome?

What’s that cost ya?

The funny thing about all of my subscriptions is that with five magazines and one daily newspaper, I’m paying a total of $3 a year.  I mean, when did that ever seem possible?  Honestly, if it weren’t this cheap, I wouldn’t be subscribed to all of these magazines.

Also, for those of you saying But I don’t have any SkyMiles, if I didn’t have the SkyMiles to burn, I would have found each and every one of these lovely publications for free or close to it.  Like $2 max, each.  But that’s not the case, and I’m getting most of them for free.

My motto is, only spend money on the things that really matter to you.  And then, don’t even really spend that much money on them either.

What’s next?

The next magazine in my desirable no. 1 list is Cigar Aficionado.  No, I’m not a stogy lover, I’m just aware that the magazine has a ton of cool looking stuff in it that rich people wish they could afford.  I’m all about faking it AND making it, and this magazine covers the faking it part.  It’s only 400 SkyMiles per 6 issues, but my plate is pretty full with respect to magazines, at the moment.

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  1. My favorite of that list is the Ikea catalog.  🙂   This household has had a magazine addiction for a very, very long time.  An addiction that almost needed a 12 step program intervention.   I thought J’s favorite magazine was Men’s Journal! 

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