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Live Free Travel Free - Casey Friday

This is it.  This is the cultivation of all my efforts for the past five weeks.  Well, if you count all the research necessary, the past two years.

Live Free Travel Free is my offering to the world of people who want to travel but don’t want to pay the insane prices attached to travel.  It is also for people who have tried and failed to make money online (or offline) as a side business, or to replace their primary income.

Over the past two years, I have accumulated mad skillz w.r.t accumulating award miles and points and making extra money.  I have gotten so good at it, in fact, that I have accumulated over 600,000 reward points.

Getting deals, earning miles and points, and making smart profits are all my passions.  I absolutely adore doing these things, and Live Free Travel Free is all about teaching you how to do what I do.  I want you to enjoy free travel just as much as I do, and I also want to dispel the myth that it’s impossible to make money online.

LFTF is in Version 1.0, and I’m very excited to watch it grow as its content grows.  Even if you don’t check it out, thank you for being loyal readers of The Rich Life.

Oh yeah, and Happy Holidays!

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  1. Hi Casey – your blog and page looks really cool. I am looking forward to search it bit more and learn new stuff. Thanks. 

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