My first smartphone urge

Sony Xperia S

I turned off my HTC G2 for the last time 23 days ago, and I just had my first urge to use a smartphone again.  The image above is the offending stimulator.  Yes, I was stimulated.

I was reading an article on the wrist-watch device in the photo above, and I saw the Sony Xperia S.  I already read the review on the device, and I liked the looks of it from the first time I saw it, but tonight I literally had the urge to flip through the operating system.

Is it not ridiculous that I can write something like this?  Imagine reading an article about someone having an urge to use a telephone back in the 1950’s.  How weird would that be?  But it’s not the 1950’s.  it’s 2012, and smartphones are nearly ubiquitous.  It’s a simple fact, and I have a Moto KRZR.

The good news is, it was just an urge.  I don’t feel the need to use a smartphone.  Funnily enough, if I had access to the Xperia S right now, I’d just flip through some menus.  Wouldn’t do anything of substance on it.  It’s such a superfluous device.  That’s the one thing I’ve noticed over the past three weeks.  My laptop is fantastic at doing just about anything I need.

In the past three weeks, I haven’t gotten lost due to lack of GPS.  I haven’t missed out on a gluten-free restaurant due to lack of mobile Google Maps.  I haven’t encountered insurmountable boredom due to lack of access to my music from the cloud – while driving.  It just hasn’t happened.

So although I’ve finally had my first urge to use a smartphone again, it’s no big deal, and it’s not the end of the world.  I will survive.

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