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Vegetables for Juice Fast - Casey Friday

I recently got braces.  As such, I decided that I didn’t want to chew food.  I have a good bit of OCD, and getting food stuck in the wires of my braces just doesn’t sound too enticing; so I decided to do a juice fast at least for the first few days of having braces.

The veggies you see above (tomatoes, cucumber, celery, kale, tomatoes) comprised one of my lunches.  Freshly squeezed veggie juice is actually much more delicious than you might think.  Even though the kale turns everything into a dark green liquid, it’s still delicious.

So, what happened?

I went four days drinking only juice until I finally decided to eat some solid foods.  I have to say, something pretty awesome happened.

The first meal I ate was slow-roasted pork over white rice.  The rice got all up in my braces, but that’s nothing a quick brushing couldn’t fix.  My stomach, however, felt awful.  It turned over and over for almost two hours.  It felt like it was being squeezed every 10 seconds.  No farts, but extreme aching.  I didn’t even want to stand up.

The likely cause of all the cramping is that I had too much food for my first foray back into solid foods.  I should have taken it easy.  Thankfully, I had a half serving of juice with dinner, so the healing effects would still be aided.  I felt much better the next morning.  The next day, though, is where the magic happened.

I had a glass of juice for breakfast on day five, and went about my day.  My wife and I decided to go explore the town, and we found ourselves out and about and hungry.  Indian food is gluten free by default, so we always enjoy eating at one of our favorite San Antonio restaurants – India Palace.  We order from the menu though – not the buffet – to make sure there is no cross contamination between the naan and the rest of the food.

Honestly, every time we go to India palace, I get a small bout of stomach aches and the toots.  The food we order (Chicken Tikki Masala and Aloo Gobi) has a small bit of goat’s milk in it.  We’re both intolerant to dairy, but the goat’s milk is easier on us than cow’s milk.  This time was different though.

The food was absolutely delicious, and I ate too much.  We were loving it, until we realized we ate too much.  Jessica got some terrible stomach cramps, but… I didn’t.  Seriously, I felt nothing.  No cramping, no farting, no nothing!  I actually felt… great.  This is where the point of juicing comes into play.  I seriously believe that going on a juice fast can heal your digestive tract.  I can only imagine how strong my system would be, had I done the fast for 30 days.

Just try it

Omega VRT350 Juicer from Amazon

This is the juicer I use.  It’s the Omega VRT350.  It is absolutely fantastic, and it really makes juicing extremely easy.  If nothing else, just start juicing to supplement your current eating habits.  I have felt more energetic, more focused, and happier since I started juicing.  Just look at the health benefits of kale.  Add it to your diet, and you are significantly decreasing your risk of cancer.  You’re also adding significantly more vitamins to your daily intake than normal.  You shouldn’t miss out on all the benefits kale has to offer you.

If you do decide to start juicing or have done it in the past or are currently juicing, sound off in the comments with your experiences, thoughts, etc.  Happy juicing!

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