The Hunger Games Inconsistency: Rue’s Theme

The Hunger Games Trilogy Inconsistency - Rue's Theme

Yes, this is a petty one.  However, I felt it necessary to call out the only inconsistency from the movie that actually bothered me.

In the book, Rue whistles her theme, which is a theme that naturally harmonizes as it’s repeated.  It’s something that Rue offers up, and Katniss uses it.  The first time I saw the trailer for the movie adaptation, I instantly knew the four-note whistled theme was Rue’s theme.

When it came up in the movie, though, Rue simply acknowledged that she knew how the mockingjays functioned, and then Katniss whistled a new four-note melody, which was then used as the signal to call each other.  It didn’t give Rue credit for bringing a bit of her history and her district into the game with her, which I thought was unfair.

As serious and dark as the them of this story is, it seems quite petty to be complaining about a simple four-note theme, but I felt it was much more important than that.  I’m curious to know if anyone else noticed this discrepancy and if it bothered them (you?) as much as it did me.

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