Use iPhoto to export check photos for USAA Deposit@Home

If you don’t have a smartphone, and you hate scanners – yet you still want to deposit checks from home into your USAA account – I have the solution for you.  The good part?  You can do it all with a point and shoot camera and iPhoto.  It’s much quicker than using a scanner, and it’s ridiculously easy.  Let’s get started.

iPhoto for Apple Mac OSXWe’ll start by opening up iPhoto.  If you own a Mac, you’ve probably used iPhoto.  I’ve used Google’s Picasa, and I really don’t like it as much as iPhoto.  The point I’m making is, unless you have tried other software, iPhoto is probably your best bet for managing photos on your Mac.

So open up iPhoto!


Hopefully, you’ve already taken your photos with a point and shoot – or DSLR – camera.  Pop your SD card into your computer, and upload the images of the front and back of the check (signed, of course!)

The “hard” part

Now you should see your photos in iPhoto.  It’s time to get them ready to upload to USAA. The first thing you’ll need to do is crop the check to display only the rectangular check in the image.  To do this, press command + e, for edit mode, then press command + c, for crop mode.  Crop the photo to include only the check, and press enter to accept the changes.

Now it’s time to get the check ready for USAA’s Deposit@Home system.

  • Press command + e, to edit the photo.
  • Click on the “Effects” tab, and select the “B & W” option.  Press enter.

Using iPhoto to deposit a check with USAA

  • Press command + shift + e, to export the photo
  • Set the JPEG Quality to “Medium” and the Size to a max width of 600px.

Using iPhoto to deposit a check with USAA

  • Press “Export,” and choose where your exported files will go.

Now all you have to do is upload the “grayscale” images to USAA’s Deposit@Home system, and you’ve effectively bypassed the need for a scanner/iPhone/Android phone to deposit your checks!  Congratulations!

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      1. It works great on jeans. In fact, we haven’t really washed anything that it doesn’t work well on. I’ve only used it with my wife, so no, I don’t know families of 4 who use it, but I can guarantee you that the laundry will be done MUCH faster using these two tools than waiting for a washing machine/dryer to finish. More work, sure, but less time.

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