How to make P90X a habit

I’m currently going through week 5 of my P90X Lifestyle.  I’ve done a ton of P90X before, but this time I’m doing it for a different reason.  I believe that P90X is about more than getting ripped, and here’s why.


I’m the opposite of a medicine fan.  I believe that our bodies are built to take care of us when we take care of them.  With proper nutrition and exercise, I truly believe we can prevent any disease.

When I power through an hour and fifteen minutes of P90X each morning, I’m working out to keep my body healthy for the long haul.  I’m making sure that my body is capable of not only taking me where I need to go; I’m also making sure that my body is not a place that disease wants to occupy.

By drinking freshly extracted vegetable and fruit juice and doing P90X consistently, I’m reducing – if not eradicating – the necessity to take any medicine.

Making the habit

The only way to ensure a healthy life is to form healthy habits.  As far as I’m concerned, I develop a habit after keeping something up for three weeks.  I’m now on week 5 of my P90X Lifestyle round, and I’ll be going all the way through this phase of 90 days.  Once I hit three weeks, there wasn’t a doubt in my mind I would do the full 90 days.

As this is just about my third round of P90X, my new goal is to sustain the healthy lifestyle even after this round is long gone.  I’m going to make that happen by keeping the workouts fresh.  I’ll probably be doing a round of P90X2 when this round is done.

Only worry about today

This is the real key.  Don’t think about the next 30, 50, or 80 days.  Think about today.  Get through today’s workout, and you’re on your way to a permanently healthy lifestyle.  Putting yourself too far in the future will just get you down.

All that matters is right now, and you know as well as I do that you can make a day’s worth of healthy choices.

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