Our Tiny House

If you weren’t already aware, Jessica and I have commissioned the building of our very first home.  We’re really excited about it, and it’s making me think about what life will be like once we’re settled in our tiny little home.

I’m going to write about each of these things, but first things first – what will this lifestyle change mean for me and Jessica?

Less Tech Possibilities

Now wait a minute; think about this one.  Less tech possibilities can actually mean more tech possibilities.  When we pare down to about 200 square feet of space, we’re going to be drastically reducing the number of electrical outlets we usually have access to.  On the other hand, we’ll also have less devices to plug in.

As it is, I currently get all of my web development work done using my 17″ MacBook Pro.  We also watch TV shows and movies on it.  We also jam out to rockin’ tunes on it.  We pretty much do everything on this beast.  Having less AC plugs doesn’t really mean less possibilities after all.  I’ll go more into this later.

Smaller P90X Space

Jessica brilliantly designed our tiny house, and it has a lovely open area at the front that is specifically for P90X (and hanging out afterward).  I’ve already worked out for the past three weeks in a taped off area that’s the exact size our tiny house’s P90X space will be, and it’s the perfect amount of room for me to bring it.

This just goes to show that you don’t need a home gym to do P90X or stay in shape in general.  All you need is a small area and some motivation, and you’ll have yourself a stew, baby.

Different Energy Sources

Our tiny house will be set up to run just like an RV, with regard to electricity.  We’ll plug it in and have electricity delivered to each of the outlets.  An idea I’ve been tossing around in my head is using alternative energy sources – namely solar power.  The cool thing about our tiny house is that it’s small enough to be run completely off of solar power.

I don’t know what the panels and batteries would cost initially, but once we made the initial investment, we’d never have to pay for energy again; nor would we be a burden on the system.  I like the sound of that.


These are only a few of my initial thoughts in a nutshell.  I’ll be going into further detail soon, but I hope other tiny house hopefuls out there will find something to relate to in my telling of our tiny house story.

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