Tiny House Construction Has Begun!

Tiny House Construction - Casey Friday - The Rich Life

In the words of Clark Griswold, “HALLELUJAH, HOLY SHIT!”  I’ve started work on our tiny house!  I spent about 2 hours yesterday and 5 hours today putting together the “floor”.  It almost doesn’t feel real, making progress on this thing that Jessica and I thought would almost certainly never actualize.

Nonetheless, construction has begun, and I’m doing some pretty radical stuff for the tiny house aficionados out there.  I think an unordered list to enumerate is in order:

  • Video of the entire build, sped up 100x (or so) for fun viewing of the whole process
  • Detailed how-to videos of crucial construction processes
  • High-resolution photos of everything
  • Super-detailed lists of materials and associated costs
  • Ridiculously accurate reporting of hours necessary for each part of the build

That’s right.  Get excited for the best Tiny House Porn you’ve ever seen in your entire life.  It’s coming, people.

In case the geeks are curious, I’m going to be handling most of the list/cost/hours reporting through some sweet custom functions I’m writing for WordPress.  When I’m done, it’s very likely that I’ll turn it into a plugin that you can use on your very own WordPress blog to show the world how long/expensive/awesome your Tiny House Build is.

Holy hell, all the awesomeness is just waiting to happen.

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