3D Tiny House Models On The Way!

3D Tiny House Model in Sketchup - Casey Friday

I finally broke down and decided to learn how to use SketchUp.  I want to be able to build complete plans of our Tiny House, and I don’t feel like learning AutoCAD; so here it is – the humble beginning of our Tiny House plan!

We’re basing our house off of the Tall Man’s Tiny House layout, but we’ll really be ‘building as we go’.  We won’t be following any plans, but rather creating our own plans.

As the floor is just about done, I’ve seen that I need to have a 3D model to look at, to decide how to build the walls – and where to build them.  The 3D model I create in SketchUp will make that much, much easier for me.

If you’re nervous about trying to learn SketchUp, don’t be.  They have video tutorials, and all you really need to know how to do is make a rectangle, since just about everything in a house is based on rectangles.  Easy as crumb cake.

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