It’s All Coming Together Now

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We’ve made decisions on all the windows and the doors, and we’ll be buying them tomorrow.  They’ll take a couple weeks to be delivered from Lowe’s, but I’ll have plenty to keep me busy until then.

I’ll be updating the SketchUp drawing to finish up the wall studs, then I will

  1. plan all of my wall stud cuts
  2. buy the lumber
  3. cut the lumber
  4. build the walls!

We’re still waiting on the insulation (OMG Home Depot – get it together!), and I’ll also be buying new 2×10 slats for the raised middle section.  We’ve gotten quite a bit of rain here, and the middle boards have become quite warped, so I’ll be replacing those with new straighter 2×10 beams and using the old beams as bracing between the new ones.

When the insulation gets delivered, it will be installed, plywood will be glued and drilled down, and the floor will be officially done!

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  1. I really like your layout/floorplan. I am super jealous of your french doors. Excited to see it come together!

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