Last 3D Tiny House Model Before Walls ‘Go Up’

I’ve put together one final 3D draft of the Tiny House before I ‘build’ the wall frames in SketchUp.  We finally finally ordered our windows and door today, so I now have rough measurements to design around for the wall joists.  I’m not entirely comfortable with how to install windows yet (based on the few internet tutorials I’ve read), but with a bit more reading, I’ll know how to design the wall frame around the windows.

By the way, the windows and door we picked out are absolutely fantastic, and I haven’t seen a Tiny House to date that looks how ours will look.  It’s seriously going to blow your minds, folks.

Tiny House Design Front - Casey Friday

Tiny House Design Back - Casey Friday

[box type=”info” style=”rounded” border=”full”]PS – Those sexy Sketchup models are the same height as me and Jessica. Now you have an idea of what sort of space we’ll have in the house![/box]

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