Tiny House Door/Window Options

Post will be updated as quotes come in / new ideas are formed.

All quoted prices with white painted finish on interior.  Cheaper to go unfinished, most expensive to get finished (stained).


Pella Designer Series 750 Hinged Patio Door - Snap-in Shades Available

Pella Designer Series 750 Hinged Patio Door – This Pella Designer Series Hinged Patio Door can be had in a number of finishes AND comes with the option of snap-in cellular shades.

Price = $4,382 (AGH!)

Cheaper Door Option – craigslist!

craigslist French Doors with Glass

Assuming all works out with this puppy, we’ll be picking the set up on Thursday evening for $390!  Paint it lime green, grab some snap-on cellular shades, and we’re good to go!

Windows with Snap-in Shade Option

For windows, if we want the snap-in cellular shade option, we can choose from these three window choices:


Pella Designer Casement Windows - Snap-in Shades

Casement Windows – Designer Series (750) Casement Window for the kitchen area.  Perhaps on both sides of the kitchen area.

Price – 3′ x 4′ = $955.26 per window


Pella Awning Designer Windows - Snap-in Shades

Awning Windows – These awning windows aren’t as badass looking as the casement windows, but they will allow air to flow freely.

Price – 41″ x 35″ = $820.71 per window

It turns out we actually want the 4123 model, which is 41″ by 23″ – naturally – so since it’s only 65% of the surface area of the window I was quoted, I would hope it’s only 65% of the price!  That would be $533.46 per window.  I’ll find out tomorrow when I call to quote.  Here’s to hoping!

Price 41″ x 23″ (unfinished, untempered) = $702 per window, 3 week lead time

Price 41″ x 23″ (unfinished, tempered) = $775 per window, 3 week lead time


Pella Double-Hung Designer Windows - Snap-in Shades

Double-Hung Windows – These could be used for the living area, assuming we want to use these instead of a wider solution.

Price – 2′ x 4′ = $933.14 per window

Windows withOUT Snap-in Shade Option

Sliding Windows

Pella Sliding Windows Impervia

Pella Impervia Sliding Windows – These could be nice with an ‘inner-hung’ top-down/bottom-up, cordless window shade.


Blinds.com 3/8″ Double Cell Light Filtering – These can be ordered in cordless AND Top-Down/Botttom-Up configuration for a really slick looking window dressing.

Price – 2′ x 4′ = $55 (+$35 for Cordless AND Top-Down/Bottom-Up) = $90 per window

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