Updated Tiny House Model

This is requiring a bit more thoughtful engineering that I first thought it would take; but the good news is that this Tiny House will be over-engineered to the max.  A meeting with my BFF K Allen M led to a discovery of how to build the floor and walls with no leakage.

I’m learning quite a few things that I’ll do right (from the start) on the next tiny house I build, but this is nonetheless a crazy fun build, and I’m pretty sure I’m addicted to Google (Trimble) Sketchup.  Here’s the progress up until today.

Tiny House Mockup in Sketchup - Casey Friday

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  1. No, no doors and windows yet. Those are just ‘dummy doors’ I’m using in the model. I’m going to build the official models of the windows we’ll actually be using today and incorporate them in the drawing.

    As far as the doors go – haven’t decided on them yet. Thanks for the compliments on the new look! I like it too!

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