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  1. ========== I’m not that familiar with your project yet but *IF* there is a floor frame above the living space (for a loft or whatever), the floor joist above an end wall or the ‘ledger’ which the floor joists attach to adds strength even when there’s only a single top plate. (For larger openings, the end wall joist and/or perimeter piece which the joists attach to can be doubled up.) If you pre-drill with 3/16″ bit, you can easily screw some 3″ screws (on 6″ centers) up through the top plate and into the bottom edge of the joist or header so they can borrow strength from each other. In most cases, this will add plenty of strength without having to add conventional headers above each opening. ========== If all that your walls are supporting is a roof — especially if every rafter is directly over a stud (always a good idea) — there is no need for added headers either. The short studs you’re adding above the ends of the header provide little to no benefit as well. If they’re already there, I wouldn’t take ’em out but for future reference? ========== sail4free (Carpenter) ==========

    1. Do you mean the center cripple stud above each of the window headers? They did seem kind of useless when I was installing them, and I can still remove them since I’m not totally sheathed yet.

      And as far as the 3″ screws, are you just talking about wood screws, or carriage bolts? I am planning to have each of the roof rafters come down directly on a wall stud, so there won’t be added structural issues there.

      Thanks for the comment!

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