Pico House Break – But Not For Long…

Yes, I’m taking a break on building the Pico House, but not to worry, my faithful TRL followers.  I’m only taking time off to do a couple web development gigs so that we can pad our bank account before taking the final swing at building the Pico House.

Once I’m done with my current round of web development jobs, I’ll be pushing forward at full speed with Tiny House building until the whole thing is done.  It will be done before Christmas (2012), and you’ll get to see tons of tiny house video/pictures/etc.

By the way, I installed the door and the deck floor, and it looks freaking amazing.

Tiny House Cost

I’ve also put together an incredibly detailed spreadsheet with every Pico House expense we’ve incurred since the start of the project, and I’ll soon be displaying that data on this website with the help of a clever WordPress plugin I’m currently developing.

Master Geek

So in the spirit of a good marketer, I’d like to offer my services to you.  If you or anyone you know needs a website built, revamped, or hooped up (whatever that means), here’s my website:

[button link=”https://friday-next.com” size=”large” color=”silver” window=”yes”]Friday Next[/button]

I’m pretty much the best thing since sliced bread, when it comes to web development, so holler at me if you want to hire me to build your next website.

Until next time

Stay thirsty for more tiny house updates, my friends.

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