What Makes You Come Back?

If I don’t know you – and you read this site often – what makes you come back?  I feel like this site doesn’t really concentrate on any one thing (much like I’m not able to concentrate on any one thing), so I want to know what keeps people coming back, if they do indeed come back.  I want to start formulating the content here based on what people want to read/see.

If you care to answer, leave a comment.

5 Replies to “What Makes You Come Back?”

  1. I enjoy reading / seeing your progress with your own tiny house build. Over the past 6 years (since I discovered the SHM) I’ve followed several tiny house builds, each with its own challenges and solutions. And as a structural engineer/tiny house designer, I’m always interested to see new construction techniques! (You gota relish your geeky side lol.)

    Looking forward to future updates!

    1. That’s good to hear – I’ll make sure to keep the updates uber-interesting. Our new finish deadline is Christmas, so you’ll be seeing a video walk-through of the completed house by the New Year!

  2. I like the posts about personal development, about living small and simple and, yeah, have to admit, you convinced me, I’m bald too now!

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