What is Casey Up To?

Yeah, yeah, so I haven’t given you a Tiny House update in a while. The tiny house is in the same state it was the last time I posted about it. I’ve been focused on making the last lump sum of money we’ll need to purchase interior walls, insulation, wiring, plumbing, and final fixtures/cabinet stuff before pulling the trigger on it and finishing the damn thing.

iPods on Steroids

So in the meantime I’ve been working on something terribly exciting. I’m starting a new branch of my entrepreneurial lifestyle, and I’m calling it Retro Sonic Fidelity. It’s simply fantastic.

I bought 36 “non-working” iPod minis from eBay, and then the fun started. I began to take them apart and test their individual components. Many of them just had bad hard drives, which is awesome because the goal is already to replace all hard drive memory with solid state memory. I’m also replacing all the batteries, so dead batteries don’t matter to me either.

iPod all naked - Retro Sonic Fidelity

Sonic Fidelity, Indeed

Aside from rebuilding these iPods and adding more storage, I’m going to be adding a leg to this business that I’ve long wanted to pursue: Audiophile Grade Equipment. Did you know that most iPods have a Wolfson DAC (Digital to Analog Converter) that works really, really well? So well, in fact, that if you take the output of that DAC and filter it through some high quality capacitors, you end up with a shockingly crisp audio signal. I will be doing just that with some of the iPods I refurbish.

I will also be building many O2 headphone amplifiers. They won’t be available at the grand opening of the store, but I will begin fabricating them very soon, to be sold as a set with the Audiophile Grade iPods.

Here’s a basic rundown of what will be offered at RSF:

  • Solid State Memory in All iPods
  • All brand new batteries in older – retro – model iPods
  • Fully cleaned and refurbished parts, i.e. the clickwheel
  • Audiophile modifications, including internal high quality capacitor “filters”
  • Handmade headphone amplifiers
  • Choice of Mac or Windows formatting
  • Choice of iPod OS or Rockbox pre-installed

iPod conglomeration Macro - Retro Sonic Fidelity

I’m absolutely giddy about doing something that excites me, and that’s exactly what this tinkering does. I can’t wait to provide an unmatched listening experience for people everywhere.

I’ll also be offering some [highlight]discount coupon codes[/highlight] exclusively for readers of The Rich Life, so be on the lookout!

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