Remember that Tiny House I’m Building?

Jessica and I have been incredibly exhausted by all of the decisions we’ve been making over the past couple of weeks. We’re doing something really great, and I can’t wait to share it with you very soon. But first, want to see some photos of the tiny house?

Insulation Almost Complete

The insulation is so close to being done, we can taste it. There are about two or three more wall slats that need to be filled, and then we’ll just need to do the triangular pieces at the end of the steep pitched ceiling part of the tiny house. Then we will return the extra insulation we didn’t use to Lowe’s – and probably get a couple hundred bucks back.

We brought two electricians out to talk about doing the electrical work for us. The first guy never called us back. I realize it’s a small job, but I would figure if you don’t want to do it, you could at least say so to our faces so we don’t waste a week waiting for a call-back. The second guy was GREAT. He was very knowledgeable, and he gave us both a good feeling that he would do a good job for us.

The price, however, didn’t really seem to warrant my not doing the work myself. I want to preface however, that:

[box type=”info”]Having a degree in electrical engineering has nothing to do with knowing about how to properly wire a house.[/box]

Yes, I do understand how circuits work, and I’m fully capable of figuring out how many Amps each circuit will need, etc. So once we talked to the second guy and got the quote (>$3k), Jessica noted, “You seemed to know almost more than both of the guys who came out here, while you were talking to them.” I don’t claim to know more than an electrician, but it became pretty obvious that I know about 80% of what I need to know, and I can figure the rest out with Stanley books, etc.

So we’ve made the decision that I’m going to do the electrical and plumbing for our house. The only thing I want to clarify on the electrical is how the hookup connects on the outside of the house, and as far as the plumbing goes, I actually don’t really have any questions. The only reason I thought we’d hire those two jobs out is that the Tumbleweed Workshop was really quite cryptic about those two topics, and there’s this myth floating around that both of those jobs are incredibly complex. Aware of the contrary, I’m going to flex my DIY-foo, and build us an over-engineered, more-than-functional electrical and plumbing system.

Once I get the electrical and plumbing in the walls, we might actually hire someone to hang the drywall. I’m almost absolutely sure that the walls aren’t square, and I don’t think I want to deal with getting drywall to fit over non-square walls. I’d rather hire someone that knows how to make it work quickly.

After that comes cabinets, flooring, and final finishes. (I also have a bit of final siding to do in trim areas.) We’re really almost done with this thing, but it’s going to take one final strong-armed push to get it complete.

Until next time, here are the pictures you’re looking for.

Forgive the photo quality – I didn’t have my LX5 with me at the time.

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