P90X Day 33: Legs & Back, Ab Ripper X

Don’t worry – I didn’t quit. I’ve just been busy making content, and I haven’t had time to do my normal P90X posts. It’s Day 33, and I was feeling it like whoa during Legs & Back today. That workout is always so rough.

I still haven’t dropped a single pound since the first day I started this workout. I’m hanging in there at 255. When I think about my ideal results, though, I think I’d actually like to be around 230 lbs when I’m all done. 215-220 is really lean on me, and I’d like a bit more muscle mass than that, so with a goal of 230 by the end of another 57 days, I’m pretty sure I can achieve that.

At that point, somebody’s gonna have to grease up this beefcake!

Video Update

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