Much, much more coming soon

I know, I know. I’ve been far too absent from this space, but I’ve been working on some stinking huge things lately.

My web development business has become a web design/development business, and I’ve just completed my biggest project yet. The house is coming right along, as the plumbing is all but done, the insulation is almost all back in the walls, outlets are wired up for testing, and the studs are nail-plated for ‘stupid insurance’.

I’ll still probably need to add a couple of 2×4 segments in a couple areas to make screwing the drywall down easier. I’ll also be buying a sweet-ass drywall gun with clip attachment, so I don’t ever have to hold a screw while I place it on the drill/wall. Drywalling will be a cinch. Well, screwing the screws in will be, at least. 🙂

Jessica and I wrote out a list of everything we have left to do, and it just about fit on one page! And that’s to completion of the house! I’m going to be busting my ass over the next couple weeks to finish this bastard up, so stay with me, and I’ll get all the video footage edited that I have waiting for me in my camera, as well as some more great footage of the finishing of a great tiny house.

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