P90X and P90X3 Fail

If you’re keeping track of my P90X progress, you probably know that around May 8, I was supposed to be done with my first 90 days. Sadly, on day 86, I was doing Yoga X, and I decided to be adventurous.

I remembered that the first round I did of P90X (living in Utah), I was able to do a full upward dog (knees off the ground, baby) very well for every single move during Yoga X. Of course, this was well at the end of the 90 days, but nonetheless, I was able to do it.

Now during the current round I’ve been doing, I have been doing some beautiful cobra poses. Cobra is just like upward dog, but you leave your knees on the ground. Keep in mind, I’m 250lbs of man here, so hoisting this body off the ground requires quite a bit of muscle.

So I pushed through the upward dogs for about 40 minutes of Yoga X on day 86. I pushed and pushed, and when I finally got to the side arm balance move, out of nowhere, I fell down to the ground. I couldn’t move my back. It wasn’t gradual – it was all at once. I tried to stand up, and it was incredibly difficult to get on my two feet.

I finally did get back on my own two feet, but my back was completely out. I decided to play it smart and take a break from P90X, so as not to exacerbate the problem. It took about a week for me to recover, and I’m about 99% better as of today.


I figured, why not just go ahead and start up P90X3, since I took the last week off of P90X? I got close enough to Day 90, and I don’t feel like doing the last week, so I’ll just start up the new routine right away.

Jessica wanted to do this round of X3 with me, as one of her #endosisters suggested it’s doable for someone with chronic pain. We started up Day 1’s video ‘Total Synergistics’ and got right to it. It was quite frustrating, because a lot of the moves require a lot of space and awkward poses for two people to do in the same room. It seems that not having a pullup bar (or two) with the assist band makes space even tighter.

It’s also frustrating the first time you do any video workout routine, because it’s very hard to keep up with the video. Especially true with P90X3, because they are trying to cram the whole workout into 30 minutes.

The second day, it was time for Agility X. Turns out you need some tape on the floor to make sure you’re jumping something like 3 feet minimum for each move. There’s just not enough space where we’re living now to do this, so I got incredibly frustrated and gave up without starting that routine.

There’s a lot more to it than just that, but it’s just incredibly frustrating not having been able to finish the first round of P90X, and then not being able to even do X3, when it’s the program I want to do right now.

I don’t know what I’ll do next, but hopefully I can think of something within the next week, so I don’t fall too far off the wagon.

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  1. Casey, don’t give up! I’m going to start P90X3 soon and landed on your blog searching for information.

    Now I see I will need to reorganize my room so I can do the exercises.

    Thank you!

    1. Man, I’ve been super busy building my house lately, but that will be finished within the next couple months, and I’ll be back to my exercise/ eating healthy routine. I’ll also be posting about it, so stay tuned!

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