I’m on Instagram Now

It happened in a strange way, much like you’d expect with me.  I saw a deal on a Boost Mobile Moto G for $59 at Target.  I thought to myself, man, I don’t want a smartphone, but I’d really like to be able to start posting some Tiny House photos on Instagram.  I really love looking at other Tiny Housers’ photos of their builds, so I figured I should share the love back with photos of my build.

I currently use a phone Jessica used to use, before she got her work iPhone.  It’s an old Motorola flip phone on Page Plus.  It’s on the $80/2000 minutes per year plan.  I figured, I can get the Moto G, flash it from Boost Mobile to Page Plus, and then I would have a phone I can text (Google Voice free) and upload Instagram photos on.

But I really don’t want a smartphone.

I got rid of my smartphone in February 2012.  That’s over 2 years without the shackles of always needing to see what people are doing, being drawn to the internet like a narcotic, and not living my life.  So I don’t want a smartphone.

Then I realized, OH YEAH! I can just sideload the Instagram .apk file to my Kindle Fire HDX 8.9 tablet, and then use Amazon Cloud Storage to upload edited photos from my Mac, to the cloud, and then they’ll show up automagically on my Kindle Fire HDX.  I can then simply insert them into the Instagram app, and voila!  I’m sharing tiny house photos with the world of Instagram!

So that’s how it happened.  Check out my feed here, and enjoy the lovely, non-filtered, straight out of the camera (Panasonic Lumix LX5) photos I have to share with you.

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