Tiny House Moving Day!

For all of you freaking out about how you’re going to move your Tiny House, let me save you some trouble.

Truck to Tow Tiny House

I rented a Chevy 2500 HD Diesel (with Allison transmission) from Enterprise.  It cost about $150 for the day, and the truck (with the Diesel engine, Allison transmission, and 4-wheel drive) is rated to tow 17,300 lbs on the hitch, and carry 3,020 lbs in the bed – ALL AT THE SAME TIME.

This truck is a freaking beast.

I drove the Tiny House the 40 or so miles from where it currently was to its ‘permanent’ home, and it felt AWESOME.  The truck had no trouble whatsoever, as our trailer weighs 2700 lbs empty, and I’m guessing the house is about 8k lbs extra, so there was a good 7k lbs to spare in the towing capacity.  Seriously, the thing was humming along on the highway at 55mph, with the engine at a cool 1200 rpm!!

So if you’re comfortable driving the truck yourself (again – SO MUCH FUN), then I suggest not worrying about hiring someone to move your house for you.  This was an incredible experience!

Edit: The only thing about renting from Enterprise to tow is that they don’t allow consumers to tow things with their rentals, so I rented under my business name “Friday Next”.  You might want to read up on how you can make that happen too.



9 Replies to “Tiny House Moving Day!”

  1. It’s so exciting that you are so far along with the project and that you were able to safely move the house. That part of tiny houses looks nerve wracking to me! Congratulations. : )

    1. Thanks! There is still an enormous list of tasks left before move-in, but it’s really getting close to the finish.

      And nah – driving that truck was SO MUCH FUN! It was nerve-wracking getting it out of the neighborhood it was being built in, but once it was out of there, it was smooth sailing for sure.

  2. I believe I have the exact same truck, but longbox with the Z-71 package. Glad to hear it tows tiny houses well, since mine’s about the same weight! I plan to tow it on highways across the country. Did you get a chance to pull it up any hills? Did you use Tow-haul mode and the exhaust brake?

  3. I got myself the same truck. I got it for towing my sailboat when it’s on its trailer. The boat itself is listed at 8100 lbs. Towing a lot of weight is not a problem with this truck.

    Good you were able to do well on the move.

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