Our House is Found! – The Aftermath of a Tiny House Theft

It was a dark, rainy night.  The air was filled with fog, and if you were driving on the highway, you could barely see 100 feet in front of you.  The fog was almost palpable.

This is not the start to a crime novel, this is literally the start of my night tonight.  I received an anonymous tip to the probable location of our Stolen Tiny House, along with a photo of irrefragable evidence.  There it was – our house – on someone else’s driveway, like it belonged to them.

I won’t share all the fun details, as I don’t know how much is prudent to share, but I will say this – the Bexar County Sheriff’s department is a bunch of badasses that get the job DONE.  It was a terrifying and exhilarating process at the same time, but it’s done now, and our house is safely in an impound lot, waiting to be towed to wherever we choose next – not back to its initial location, for sure.  OUR HOUSE IS RECOVERED!  And still in almost the exact same condition it was, when it was taken!

The other relatively important piece of information is that the window unit A/C and breaker box I purchased – both were in the cabin on our land (which was also broken into) were both sitting on the porch of our Tiny House when I identified it at the crime scene.  This means it’s very unlikely that the house was actually in Dripping Springs (while still a small possibility) – but more likely that it was transported directly from Spring Branch to South San Antonio.

People are, on the whole, very good and kind

The outpouring of kindness I’ve received during this stressful time has completely blindsided me.  I’ve had a rough past three years, and I just didn’t expect people to be as good as they absolutely are.  I’ve received comments through Facebook, my blog contact, Instagram, and email, with words of encouragement and support.  People telling me to not give up, and keep up the hunt.  People telling me that they were rooting for me during my Tiny House build and were just as devastated as I was to learn that it was stolen.  People who just plain cared that my wife and I had a dream of ours torn away from us.

I wrote in my previous blog post about how upset I was with the “Tiny House Community”.  If there’s anything I’ve learned over the past week, it’s that I wasn’t upset with the “Tiny House Community” – I was upset with the people involved with Tiny Houses that I had dealt with.  That is not a very large number, and is not at all indicative of the Tiny House Community as a whole.  If everyone who contacted me represents a portion of the Tiny House Community, then they are almost across the board a supportive, caring, kind group of individuals.  I just wish I had become part of this group sooner!  (Only joined Facebook 2 weeks ago.)

I cannot possibly come up with enough words to convey my gratitude to the enormous number of people who said kind things to us, empathized with us, and even contributed to us during this time.  I am eternally grateful to you, and I want all of you to know that when you have questions about your own Tiny House builds, I’m here to help!

An Obligatory Note on Tiny House Security

I’ll be completely honest – I didn’t even know that a hitch lock was a “thing” before our house was stolen.  I only researched them after the house was gone.  I am now WELL aware of multiple forms of security that I hope ALL tiny housers will implement on their own Tiny House builds.

These are not affiliate links, as I don’t find it appropriate to profit from a tragic situation like this one (albeit with a happy ending!).
Coupler Vault Mega Hitch Lock

Mega Hitch Lock – Coupler Vault

If a thief can break through this thing – you probably have your Tiny House filled to the brim with Gold Bricks.  This is by far the beefiest hitch lock I can find to purchase, and it’s $99.  That is definitely worth it in my book, for the added peace of mind.

I will definitely be buying one of these for our trailer, because not only does it deter theft – it just looks totally badass. Badass looks + massive theft deterrence = WIN.

You can buy the Coupler Vault by clicking its image.

Trimax Trailer Wheel Lock Boot Clamp

Trimax Trailer Wheel Lock Boot Clamp TWL100
At least one of these, in combination with a good hitch lock should deter just about any thief from trying to hitch up your house and ride away with it.  We’ll probably be keeping our Tiny House in storage in the very immediate future, but as soon as it goes out somewhere public again, I’ll likely be adding one of these puppies to it.

You can buy the Trimax Trailer Wheel Lock Boot Clamp by clicking the image above.

You People Rock

Again, Thank You, Thank You, Thank You.  The negativity I’ve dealt with so much has really been kicked to the curb with all of the kindness you’ve provided.  This site is all about me sharing my Tiny House (and other) journey, and it wouldn’t be the same without you.  I’m grateful for you, and I hope you can feel it.

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  1. Tell ya buddy – I’m joyed just under your level (R) now. What a happy ♪♫•*¨*•.¸¸ Happy (xxxxx) to you ♪♫•*¨*•.¸¸ guys!! (;>}
    Wonder re: the final tally (like TOTALLY across all fb pages) of likes, comments, shares for my edification. I’d like to place on my HD to have the data in hand for future posts re: security too. Do ya know?

    1. Hey you guy I gotta run off to work… But just read about the Tiny House being found, and I am over joyed for the folks that own it. Rock on Tiny House People keep the love alive!!!
      Patrick Donahue

  2. Casey,
    I have to say that I started my TH blog on the day I saw the facebook post in Tiny House People about your home being stolen, and my heart sank. I just recently beefed up my collection of appliances and materials that will be in my little home. It was heartbreaking, and almost discouraging to read your post. It was clearly from the heart, because you poured your soul into your home the last couple years. I am so happy to see that it has been found, and based on your attitude in this post, I really hope you and your wife decide to keep your home and not go the apartment route. I also donated to the gofund me during that time, and I really hope you graciously accept(ed) the funds, although it’s not much, to help with the costs of towing and recovery. Us TH people have to stick together, ya know? If I didn’t feel such a supportive system within the community, there’s no way I’d venture on this path alone. I like to think that the outpouring of support for your home’s recovery proved to myself, others, and hopefully you, just why it is that we are on this journey. We have each other’s backs. Good luck in the future, and I hope in your tiny house dwelling. 🙂

    1. I don’t know you, Holly, but I had to comment. I just read the story (a year late) about the stolen THOW and its recovery. I understand the writer/owner’s negative attitude after the theft, but I was also surprised and pleased with his later thankfulness and change of heart. However, what really made a difference to me were your kind, inspiring words in response to him. I have been looking at tiny house info for about four years and am seriously considering that route. It appeals to so many parts of who I am. I don’t personally know anyone involved in tiny houses, but it is reassuring to know that the “tiny” community is a caring one (despite a few folks) and have each other’s backs. Thank you!

  3. A lot of prayers were going up for you guys! I seen on one of THS’s that another one was stolen. For the life of me, I can’t find t now. Oh well, prayers work so I will pray for that one too! My heart is doing a happy dance for you guys! <3

  4. I have watched, read, held my breath, crossed my fingers and sent positive energy to you, along with any others whi hoped for the safe return of your humble abode.
    This restores some faith, for me, in humanity, that not everyone is bad.
    Having just read about yiu finding your jome brought tears to my eyes. We are hoping to either buy or build our tiny home this year, and this story touched me.
    Follow your dreams for they are wishes that your heart makes…..or so Cinderella sings of it.


  5. ” I just wish I had become part of this group sooner! (Only joined Facebook 2 weeks ago.)” <= AND you know it wasn't luck of the toss (R)? I've found the THCommunity w/in the THMovement to be a resting place for a tired and weary mind and brain at times. I'm very joyful to be recognized as an individual who provides gracious valid, positive help for those TH'ers in need, indeed. I am enthralled to now be a further part of your endeavor, Casey. Blessings to you and yours. David

    1. Yeah!! It’s not just the TH community, IMO. Full-time RVers are very helpful. Some of the FB groups are great fun and friendships, too, especially if you are a Solo Women RVers! Welcome to Facebook!

  6. Thank God for prayers answered! Social media can be a pain, but it can also be a wonderful thing! May you and your family be blessed in your little home and enjoy many happy years!

  7. I am so glad you finally recovered your tiny house! I hope you will soon be able to move into it n enjoy tiny living! Thank you so much for all the hitch lock n boot info. I will be ordering mine here soon. Again congratulations on your home recovery!

  8. Soooooooo glad you have your home back….we had our fingers and toes crossed for you here in Australia. You have a tiny home but we have a huge community ( with very big hearts)

  9. I am so happy for you! I have shared and watched for any kind of update about your house. I’m so happy right now I almost forgot about my toothache ( almost but not totally ). You have friends here that were watching out for you the best we could. I’m clear over near the east coast but I shared with family in Texas who were watching out for your house.

  10. SO HAPPY FOR YOU! I’m finishing a customized shed into a tiny-ish house in Northeastern PA. The structure was delivered this past summer and I’m moving up there in March to begin the rest of the process. Mine’s on block pillars though, and because of the size not really a risk of it being stolen… I’m going to go back and read through the rest of your blog posts now for tips and ideas. Again, so very happy you got it back.

    Sincerely, Tracey in VA (soon to be PA) 🙂

  11. I am dying to know …where the people who set your house arrested? What did they have to say?
    I am so happy my Tiny House does not have wheels.

  12. Being part of the Tiny House community is just that – a community. To some extent, we are all in this together – here to support each other in the great moments as well as the devastating experiences. I’m SO happy to hear your home was found. I live in the Dallas-Fort Worth area and was trying to keep my eyes open for any possible sightings. I’m still amazed that someone was brace enough to drive off with a heavy tiny house. Such a big risk! I’m glad it was found and still in perfect shape. Best wishes to you in whatever journey you take from this point forward.

  13. I think the tiny house seen in Dripping on 290 is actually one for sale at Arches Storage … It’s very tiny and not same shape

  14. Oh wonderful!!! Congratulations on recovering your home! I have watched the progress since you first posted it’s being stolen, shared it multiple times and was praying that you would find it all in one piece! I am just so excited for you! Congratulations again!!

  15. We’ve been on the edge of the TH community for several months — everything about it speaks to my heart. But, like so many, I was shocked and saddened to even think that a TH would be stolen. Lesson learned! Thanks for the update, the HOORAY good news, and the important suggestions. You are an inspiration to us, as we downsize and plan our next steps. Blessings on your journey!

  16. Words cannot express how happy we are that you found your house! It was so heartbreaking to hear what had happened. So happy for you guys! 🙂

  17. Wonderful news, Casey! And, delighted you found your home in good condition. Thanks for the security recommendations. And, enjoy the moment and the relief that this ugly event is nearly over.

  18. Great! A new tiny house movie in the making! But what happened or is going to happen to the bad guys – will there be justice?

  19. I am glad for you but wish you would not have written your last post while in the heat of emotion. It was discouraging, somewhat rude and narrow in my opinion. Good luck with the sale of your house.

    1. I agree. The feelings were understandable but “counting to ten” before posting would have been more prudent imho. Hope many lessons are learned and many happy years are spent in your tiny home.

      1. I totally disagree. It is his blog and you choose to read or not read his posts. He did have a warning posted at the top. His post expressed raw emotion and disenchatment in human kind that most of us can relate to. I had never visited his blog before I got the post about the theft, but I follow it now. I am glad his faith in the TH community has been realized and restored. Casey- remember that there are oodles and oodles of community out here who may or may not own a TH that support you and your wife. I, as others have said, hope you will reconsider the abandonment of your dream. Pick yourself up, dust yourself off and be thankful you don’t have to start all over again.

        Hugs <3

  20. I am thrilled that you got your tiny house back! It’s so great that someone spotted it and notified you immediately! It’s completely awesome that it’s completely in tact as well! Congratulations on getting your tiny house back!

  21. Woohoo!!! Now, I totally wanna hear the gnarly story behind it, those cops are AWESOME!!! But yeah, really hope some ass was KICKED and that we hear about sentencing in this case, keep us posted! (and get that victim impact statement ready, stealing your entire DREAM is quite a thing!)

  22. Fantastic! I was heartbroken when I read your story yesterday and I look forward to hearing about how much jail time those POS get. I also look forward to reading more about your adventures. Good luck.

  23. i have to tell you that I actually yelled out in joy for you and your wife when I read this. I am so very, very happy for you and have to admit that I am also relieved that your faith in the overall goodness of people has been a tiny bit restored. Your horrible and ultimately triumphant experience offered me some much needed tips on security for my own TH. I am so, so happy that it all worked out. Keep your tiny dreams alive! Deb

  24. yeaaaaahhhh! I’m so glad that you all found your house and in good condition. I’m just as happy that life found a way to showcase the good in this world when so often it is so hard to find. Best wishes and God Bless!

  25. I just rolled out of bed and did a happy dance for you! Lol.. im a 300lb biker so thats quite a sight! ! Congrats !!

  26. I am so glad to read this! I was sure hoping they would find it in good condition and you would not give up your dream of a tiny house life. I can’t imagine another life now and it was devastating to me to thinks someone could swipe your dream right from your own yard on your own property. The tiny house community is so much wider and deeper than the kiddie pool the media covers. Congratulations! May you have many, many years of tiny house enjoyment!!

    Karin Copperwood
    Tiny House Homestead

  27. So happy you found your home!! One of my first questions about Tiny Homes was, “How often are they stolen?”. I was told hardly ever b/c it is hard to hide a tiny house. So there you go! Still, what an awful experience. In case no one mentioned it, there are also very small wifi devices you can hide in the house that would let u track. It’s wifi dependent tho.

  28. I have been following your pain and anguish that your family has enured. It’s going to be a great 2015, Many thanks to Casey Miller and Annie Hobson.

  29. I will be interested to hear if after this all shakes out, in your head as well as your heart if you will change your mind and reconsider and find a way to move into your tiny home. Going through this kind of stress can make anyone say things they may later reconsider and take it from a guy that has pulled a 180 more than once in his life, it’s OK to change your mind. Ether way I am sure you and yours will find peace, and comfort wherever you end up.

  30. i am so incredibly happy for you and your wife that you were able to recover something so precious to you. People in the movement know it s not just the time and money, however your heart and soul or blood, sweat, and tears that was a part of this home as well
    I have to tell you that having spoken with a few builders recently and being on the brink of making radical life choices to realize my tiny house dream , the news of your ordeal threw me on my head for a few days. Never considering these could be stolen.- I began to think about my animals and belongings being taken from me when I move into my tiny home. I was reconsidering everything!
    Now I am feeling like because of this awful experience , you may become the the tiny house security guru and people like myself will look to you for preventative solutions.
    None of us should let one very bad apple spoil our dreams of financial freedom and stress free living. As you wrote, most people are wonderful and kind and I am so glad you were able to find all that wonderful energy in the midst of this nightmare.
    Congratulations and best of luck to you both on your future endeavors.

  31. my family is so happy that your family has your house back. I truly hope you gain your enthusiasm back to complete your house and live out your dream of TH living. With added security! So very happy for y’all!!!!

  32. so happy ur baby is home! im a barndominium builder and just recently became part owner of a tiny home builder company. i know what it takes to build and my heart was broken for you! mean people suck and those jerks are losers! heres the score, good guys 1- bad guys 0.

    keep on keepin on and i look forward to seeing yalls first trip complete with champagne!

    cheers casey!

  33. Wonderful news! Reading your post was so good for my soul. Being married to a Law Enforcement Officer, you tend to hear some good, much bad and the extremely ugly. Best wishes from Central Florida. We were spreading the news and keeping our eyes open for you.

  34. I just learned the story of your Tiny House being stolen on Facebook yesterday afternoon.. I even shared your story. How great is it that when I get up today and log in to Fb, one of the first things I see is this blog post! I hope u have changed your mind about selling and use this little detour in your adventure to learn ( which I see u have ) and keep on pushing and soon you will be living “the dream” Your Dream!!

  35. So glad your home was found. So many people including myself were praying and rooting for you & finding your TH. Nice to see our prayers answered

  36. We have 100 acres 82 miles from San Antonio out Hwy 87 South. We have a house out here, a few goats, cows, chickens, etc. sympathetic to your small footprint. Our house is about 1,000 sf. My husband is a retired Surgeon who practiced 30 years in SA. If you want to keep your TH out here down by our pond in a secluded area, you can. Email me if interested. Of course you’d have anytime access & we wouldn’t bother it.

  37. I am in love with the Tiny House and was very disappointed that your house was stolen. I would love to read more in the future about your tiny house living and I hope that you will continue forward with your journey. So glad you got the little house back and so sorry for the break in your faith in your fellow human beings I have been there and totally understand. I’m rooting for you and your wife to follow through with your dreams and I hope you will be able to now. Wishing you and your family the best.

  38. I am so thankful you have your Tiny Home back. I love Tiny Houses, I watch the Tiny House TV show and follow all the Facebook pages for them. There are Tiny Homes communities in Nelson, British Columbia, Canada and several have been started in California, Oregon, and Washington State. The Tiny Home community is amazing . Here’s to a great 2015 for you and your wife.

  39. Yes, there ARE good people out there. My phone was lost at Brenham Wal-Mart during Christmas weekend rush before Christmas. Soooo thankful a shopper found it , tried to call me. She turned it in to my phone carrier, Verizon. She got a reward for her honesty. Glad your home is found.

  40. Having just brought home my own tiny trailer, I was saddened by your loss, but am also so excited that you have it back. I will also learn from your experience. Awesome news today!

  41. OMG!!!! Casey, I am crying tears of joy for you!!!! Welcome home Tiny House! I am so happy you didn’t give up on it! What a story it will have to tell now! Thank you for your honest, kind, beautiful words. And the advice on the trailer lock. We are getting one today! A day of celebration , for sure!

  42. I am so very HAPPY that you got it back. I went thru all my YT sites and posted on theirs that were located in TEXAS, they were not TH people, they were jewelry, preppers, gardens and solar people, hoping someone would see or search for it. So happy you got it back, you will have to film your trip to get it and bring it home, will be fun to see.

  43. I am so relieved and happy for you!!!! This is great news! I would suggest that, even though you will have it in storage, you still purchase and use these safety devices you’ve mentioned. There was a recent article on FB about someone’s home being stolen out of storage. Buy them, use them even in storage for your own peace of mind! ((((hugs and congratulations!)))

  44. Was praying all worked out for you but did not post previously because you were a little scary and I was staying away from that

  45. Thanks to Tyler White and SA Express News who wrote and published about the theft of your tiny house — probably someone read the article and saw your tiny house in a neighbors driveway?

  46. I am tiny house follower still in the saving stage. I don’t plan to put ours on wheels, but I follow them too because I’ve seen some wonderful ideas for the small spaces on many.

    So happy your tiny home has been recovered and you have found the good people who will cheer you on in your journey and lend support. They were there, you just hadn’t found them yet. Again Hoorah!

  47. So happy your disaster has not ended in a real disaster. I hope that you get justice and that they serve time for all your emotional stress. I’m so happy that you have your home back and that it doesn’t feel too violated. I’m also proud of the police and the job they did to help you. Many happy times in your tiny house. It truly is your pride and joy. Happy New Year.

  48. Casey, so very, very happy for you. Please try to regain some positivity in your outlook! First, you have a great neighbor at your property for watching out and letting you know something was amiss, we should all be so lucky to have such neighbors. Please don’t give up or over react too soon. You are young and idealistic, good, but know that life is full of lessons and just learn from them. Do not turn away from your dreams because of some evil that unfortunately exists all too frequently.

    I was with you at the seminar with Jay Shafer. I have built two houses from the ground up so yes I know that not much info was imparted per se, but he uplifted me and my journey towards tiny housedom. I like to view that seminar as a personal growth one. He encouraged and persuaded each of us to find our way to our personal freedom. You cannot impart enough info in 6 hours to help one build a house, but you can to help one build a dream!

    Don’t give up your dream no matter what happens in life. It is all in the end that you ever really had as yours to apply happiness in your life. You have your little dream back, don’t throw it away just because someone tried to take it from you. You can take it all back. Be happy, be positive!

  49. Wow that was quick. Fabulous news. I hope it is clear sailing from here on in, whatever you choose to do now.

    Of COURSE I’m itching to know the nitty gritty, I’m intrigued, but then how can you hide a house being towed down the road? – Is that Dumber and Dumber?

    So pleased for you both.

  50. Hooray!! This is fantastic news, thank you so much for letting us know! How wonderful it is to read your words, “People are, on the whole, very good and kind.” I’m so glad that realization was one of the outcomes of your experience. Once again wishing you all the best as you move forward, in whatever direction is right for you.

  51. I am so happy to hear that both your beloved home AND your faith in (most) of humanity have been recovered. A tiny house would not be a feasible option for my family, but I have great respect for those who give it their everything and make it work. I hope that you find a place for your home where you feel safe and valued.

  52. So very happy for you and even more so because it sounds like you’re not going to abandon your dream of living tiny. I’ve been so sorry to hear about what happened, and while some people seem to be turned-off by your “angry post”, I totally got it and understood those emotions. If there’s a silver lining to all this, maybe it’s that this experience will do more to educate the tiny house community about security measures than any blog post alone could have. To the items you’ve listed above (which I’m going to add to my wish list), I plan to install a hidden GPS in my tiny house so it could be tracked. Just a thought. Again, congratulations and I hope you keep on pursuing the tiny living dream. : )

  53. so happy for you and your wife! What a story and what a great lesson for all. Living in rural VT I never ever would have considered that! Though my current tiny house isn’t on a trailer, so doubly safe! Hope you get to live in that beautiful house soon!

  54. Did they arrest the SOB? I had a guy steal and total my car once and all they did was prosecute him for parole violation and possession of meth. He was out in 3 days.

  55. So happy for you that you recovered it and it is okay!!!!!! Have you thought about mounting it onto a permanent foundation and adding an addition to make it a little bigger so it couldnt be taken. Just a suggestion.

  56. I’m very happy to see that your house was found. Something that big is very hard to hide and with the support of the TH community and RV community it was only a matter of time. The power of the internet and sharing is amazing and I hope you can live out your dream and continue to find much needed peace. The world can be very cruel , don’t ever give up fighting for what you want!!!!

  57. I am so super happy that you got your house back and it looks like justice is being served. I am interested what is going to happen to the person/people that did this. Yay for getting back on track with you dreams… love a happy ending 🙂

  58. Oh Cassey, I am SO glad it was found. WHAT a terrible thing to happen to you and Jessica. I really hope that will live in your home. You put so much love, time, and yourselves into this, don’t let some fuckfaced twat ruin your dream. You spent probably over 3 years planning and doing all of this, I truly hope your hearts are still in this.

    We’ve never met, and I only read your prior blog and saw that it was sound today, after I saw your stolen post.

    I don’t have a tiny home yet, but am in the process of figuring it out.

    Take care and enjoy!

    Erika from Canada

  59. So happy for you! Just finished reading the blog where your house was stolen when I saw this one where it was found. Yay! Well, we both learned something. I had no idea there was such a thing as a coupler vault.
    All in all, a good lesson. There are some real assholes in this world. I hope the thieves get what they deserve.

  60. Your tiny house is like the horse that won’t be ridden by anybody else, like Kevin Costner’s horse in Dances with Wolves! It won’t be lived in by anybody else! Lol! So cool that it is back home and has its AC and electrical box in tow! Thank God for looking out for you…

  61. I’m SOOO happy for you guys! I can’t even imagine the roller coaster of emotions you dealt with the past couple of weeks! I’m glad to have found your blog and will be following you guys on your journey! I hope you and Jessica are able to recover from this and still love the land you bought and future you invested in!!!

  62. I don’t know you but I’m so happy for you! I’m anxious to hear all the details! Who were the sleazy douchebags? I hope u get a chance to kick some ass!

  63. So glad to hear you got your house back. I hope those folks that took it are being punished and that anyone that might think to steal someone’s home in the future will think twice after this. Good luck with your tiny future!

  64. “When we started our Tiny House journey by going to the Tumbleweed Workshop in Boulder, CO, Jay Shafer could not have seemed any less interested if he tried. We learned nothing of actual use at the workshop. No electrical, no plumbing – just “This is how you put a wall together”. YouTube can teach me that, thanks. Terrible experience.”

    ….Funny, I thought I was the only one that felt that Jay’s (for me horribly expensive) and it’s easily-found-elsewhere information at the Boulder workshop was a huge waste of money. I saved for 2 years to be able to buy his Tumbleweed plans–at almost a thousand dollars– and found that they weren’t of much actual value to me, at least: I’ve a lot of artistic talent, and with a ruler and pencils, could have drawn similar plans. I guess that was a pretty expensive lesson for me, but one I have now learned very, very well. Now, I have learned to downsize and simplify my Irish vardo even more, do my own research from multiple sources, and very rarely rely on self-styled “experts”…for that way lies grief, especially for those of us with, shall we say, less access to money and supplies than most. This journey of building my own small home that isn’t vulnerable to the greeds of unscrupulous landlords, et al, has taken me 7 years so far, thru the initial trailer being consumed in a forest fire , to having only 50.00 a month extra after bills to work with. I just wanted to throw it out to the universe that there are plenty of us out there in the Tiny House Movement that aren’t whining, aren’t expecting a home for free, and are using recycled materials (cheaper but need more time to get into useable shape); it’s like the News cycles: only the bad apples get noticed-all of the good folk are behind the scenes doing good day after day, without kudos. I understand your grief and anger after your trailer was stolen, though. Wisdom is garnered from personal experience, and here’s mine: The world goes on whether or not we approve–deal with the pain in the most healthy way you can figure out (if you don’t, it bubbles up to poison other parts of your life), examine your path, and find a way to get around the huge boulder of crap that presently obscures your forward progress…then when you find that new path, try it out with a cautious but lighter heart.
    Don’t let folks who are Life Failures dictate your happiness; don’t hand over your personal power without a fight!
    ***Glad your trailer was found***

  65. Praise the Lord!!!! So many were praying for you and we are just thrilled to hear that you have your house back. Don’t give up your dream. This may have been a blessing in disguise. You have taught the entire community that there is such a thing as a TH getting stolen (who knew?) Your incident has pulled the community together, you now know you have friends in every state in the union and beyond, and we are all learning about security for TH. Remember, what doesn’t kill you makes you stronger. You seem much, much stronger to me today than you were a few weeks ago. Blessings always…. GGG

  66. Sadly I doubt there are any locks that are thief proof. I did see the video the makers of that particular coupler lock did on how easy all the other coupler locks to break. One thing thieves are quite fond of doing to vehicle locks and trailer locks is taking a screwdriver and punching the lock out by striking the screwdriver into the lock with a hammer. Before shelling out $100 for that lock, I would contact them and ask what their guarantee is and if they have tried this method of breaching the lock. I am so glad your tiny home was recovered, its really sad how many people feel entitled to take something that others have worked so hard to have.

  67. Wow – guys! I’m joining with all the rest of the cheers on this page that your property has been returned to you safe and sound. A big shout-out to the Bexar police who backed your case!

    I sincerely hope you’ll rethink your earlier post about deciding against living in your beautiful tiny house over this event, and abandoning your original dream/goals involving it. After all your work and investment, don’t let the bad guys win.

    Yeah? Best luck ahead — and thanks for the security tips.

  68. This was one of my main concerns and asked about it at a workshop I was at (that will remain nameless–they were more interested in selling their trailers and plans), but they just laughed my question off and said “it shouldn’t be hard to find” I’m so glad you found yours and have shared the idea of the hitch lock and tire boot!

  69. Casey,
    I had never read your blog until your post about your stolen home came across my FB feed. I was devasted to hear someone stole your home, I mean, who does that?! Like you, I had never considered that there are awful people out there who would steal a tiny home.
    I’ve been checking for updates on your story and was elated to see your home has been found!! I’m so happy for you and your family! I hope you decide to keep your tiny home, and enjoy many happy years there.
    Best wishes,
    Ariel, a Canadian tiny house lover 🙂

  70. I am overjoyed with this news!!! I just knew you’d recover your home and am so happy it is found. Best of luck to you and yours!!

  71. Glad to hear you got it back. I went the RV route. I wanted to get gone from where I was. If I had been able to, I’d have built a tiny house. I’m mostly happy with the choice I made. I hope you find fulfillment with your chosen lifestyle!

  72. Just a bit ago I saw a post saying your tiny house had been stolen…my heart sank. I’ve been following your progress on YouTube since the beginning, thinking about building my own. Very glad they found your tiny home, don’t get discouraged and keep the dream alive.

  73. Yay! I’m soooo happy for you. I haven’t started building my tiny yet – still in the dreaming, planning stage – but that is the main thing I’ve worried about. So glad that you were able to get it back. Looking forward to hearing more of your adventure.

    Thanks for the inspiration!

  74. Casey,
    Your previous post on the horrible experience of theft was heart-wrenching and I’m SO GLAD the house was found. Please don’t get discouraged! Shit happens! It happens to everyone all the time. These are only lessons in life. You’ve come this far and have learning an enormous amount of information about how to secure these tiny houses and then you’ve shared it with all of us! THANK YOU!

    I’ve often wondered about security since anyone with a pickup can drive right onto property and easily haul them away. I had one real estate agent when I was looking for property who honestly confessed if I buy the property in question, don’t ever plan to leave it for more than a day or everything will be taken by the neighbors! Needless to say, this happens all over! What a travesty there are people out there so STUPID they would steal a house and then leave it in their driveway for everyone to see!? I do hope the police carted their sorry asses off to jail.

    But please don’t be discouraged! Take a step back, take some days off to get your perspective back, breathe deeply, and forge onward. Don’t let these assholes (including anyone who has made your tiny house adventure crap) take away your dream! Learn, adjust, and keep going!!! Someday this will all just be a awesome story to tell. A story of survival!!

    Best of luck to you!

  75. Dude. I’m SO STOKED for you guys!!! I hope you will reconsider giving up on living in your tiny house and not let the crappyness ruin your dream!!!! Give it a go Team Friday!!!

    Again, so happy for you both!!
    God bless you guys!

  76. YAY! I am so thrilled! Now my 2 “friends” in Texas don’t have to go out sleuthing in disguise in the hunt for the missing Tiny House as I instructed them to do! Ha! 😉 Am glad it was found and just as happy that your faith in people has returned! Doing the Happy Dance!!! Woot woot!

  77. Is this a serious post or an advertisement of the locks or some kind of Tiny Home Cult, why on earth would it take 2.5 years to build something this tiny? This would be a weekend or at most a week long job to complete! Ijs! Just curious!!

  78. I am soooo happy for you, I read your blog after your tiny house was stolen and completely felt your pain, I’ve thought about you since and my FB friend just shared this follow up!! Happy New Year to you and your wife! Happy Tiny House ever after!!!

  79. I am so glad your Tiny House was recovered. I was in complete shock to hear somebody had stole it. We are hoping to build a Tiny House in two yes when we retire but will now be putting locks on it also I never dream somebody would try to still one.

  80. I am so glad your Tiny House was recovered. I was in complete shock to hear somebody had stole it. We are hoping to build a Tiny House in two years when we retire but will now be putting locks on it also I never dream somebody would try to still one.

  81. I am so sorry this happened to you. Very traumatic. Was very gladdened to hear news the TH you poured so much love, hard work and time into. I sincerely hope you and your wife end up with long, lovely years enjoying it! Blessings for a good year.

  82. Words cannot convey how happy we both are that you got your tiny house back. My hubby and I was over whelmed to read your post that someone actually had the gall to hook up your house and haul it away. I hope the police done the same to whomever stole it. We have been planning our own tiny house and after reading your post, I was second guessing that decision. But now seeing the out pouring of support, I’m determined it’s what we want. Again, we’re both so happy for you and hope you have nothing be sunshine ahead of you!!

    1. The Detective in charge notified me he put it ‘On Hold’ in the impound, so I will have to pay $0 fees. I will only have to pay for towing to a storage facility, and he said the tow company usually gives good deals to people that have “shit like this happen to them”, so probably around $75. Cheaper than the $150 for renting a Chevy 2500 Diesel from Enterprise again.

  83. I can’t tell you how happy this makes us! I shared your initial story with my daughter, who is obsessed with “tiny-houses” and she was heartbroken for y’all and I just shared the wonderful news that it’s been found and we are ending our day with a smile. It’s a crazy ride and we never know what comes next so a happy ending is always nice!

  84. I was heartbroken to hear that the fruit of your extensive labors (and no small amount of $) was gone – but so thrilled to hear you got it back! This will be quite an instructive tale for anyone else considering doing what you are doing!

  85. Hi, I heard about your story through my sister in law. Last night, after I told her I was looking to buy an RV. First of all I am sorry to hear about you guys having something you work so hard for and put so much dedication just take from you like nothing. I have never built a tiny house. But I know the feeling of working hard for something just to have snatched from the palm of your hands. It feels almost like your world could crumble! I too have been having a rough couple months. And all I can do sometimes is ask god why me! Its hard to move on past the pain. I don’t want anyone to feel sorry for me. But venting my story out for others to read would at least help me emotionally. I hope you guys dint mind hearing it. I was building my family for six years, with a man I feel in love with. My soul mate, we struggled here and there sometimes. But we always had each other. We had our first baby in 2010. A girl we named her Evelyn. Then a year later decided to add to the family a baby boy Johnny bravo! I found out I had the beginning stages of cervical cancer in my cervix. After having my son, so me and the hubby decided to add another baby to the family. Cervical cancer can make you infertile after a few yrs. We wanted one more blessing and we were going to be done adding to the family. I had a few worries during this pregnancy. But nothing hurt me more. Until one day when my children’s father didnt make it home. I worried like crazy, calling his mother other people from his family. We called hospitals in Houston. It turned out my Hubby had been in a motorcycle accident and was in ICU in a mild coma. Me and his mother and brother quickly rushed to Houston to see him. He woke up but was aggressive towards the staff, had a fractured skull, broken ribs. And the part of his brain I feared the most not to be injured was. His frontal lobe, where your personality lies. He didn’t remember anyone but his mom when he woke up. He only started to remember me and our kids after seeing pictures. He came home after three days. He seemed different, almost lost in his eyes. I was grateful that the man I loved father of my children was alive. He ended up telling my whole family that the night of the accident he was at a gentlemen’s club. I became upset…i think being 6 months pregnant my emotions were high. I told him I needed space breathing room. So he left ad never came home again! No one understands the pain I feel! He has been gone now 4 months. He was like my best friend, there are times I want to call him so bad to hear his voice just one last time before his accident. The hit to the brain changed him as a person. We had plans after the baby to get married, to buy a home with our income tax. But one bad choice ruined our dreams our future! I saw everything I had crumble. Everything we built in six yrs fell apart in a day. My whole life I’ve lived in boxes. Now my future life lies in boxes again. And they sit inside my truck I use as a storage for the few things I kept. I’ve never been selfish in my life. I’ve always done for others before doing for my self. It is very hard not to let this world turn you into something you are not. I been through too much in my life, but still I try to keep my chin up. Now I sit here, 8 months pregnant almost ready for labor. Doing it all on my own, I want the best for my kids. And I am slowly lifting my self up. This was all an unexpected hit, a blind sided takle of life.sometimes you can plan your life so well. But in a blink of an eye things change. It only took a day for me to lose everything including my home. Now I live with my mother, but what I would give to have a small space. I been looking to buy an RV. Willing to do payments. Because its all I can afford. If you are selling your little home, and you guys agree I would love to do payments. Or if you know of anyone that is selling an RV please let me know. I wish I new how to build a little home. It would be done if I new how. Again I am sorry for your loss, and happy you regained something you loved and enjoyed building together. I am happy you guys don’t have to go around anymore feeling incomplete. God has blessed you guys. And again thank you for hearing my story, of anyone would like to give me advice on brain injury and personality change. Please do, I often. Ask god why, I know I shouldn’t. But I just hate that I got to see my family fall apart. All I want is one answer, again thank you for listening and if you guys decide to sell this lil home. I would love to do payments. Sorry if my story was long and God bless you guys.
    . -xenia

  86. I was so heart broken for you when I heard about the loss of your little house, and now I am aboulutely trilled that it was recovered!! Despite what you hear constantly in the news, the majority of people are basically good. I hope those awful people who took your baby won’t cause you to mistrust humanity . From what I can tell, you have been able to keep your heart open with gratitude instead. That makes me very happy! Enjoy your hard earned future, p.s. those hitch locks look pretty BITCHIN’!!!

  87. I like the tiny house movement and I’m glad you got your house back. Coincidentally, I’ve been researching wheel locks a lot lately — I believe you’ll be better off with the the Brahma lock than the one pictured. Happy trails….

  88. So glad it was found! I was hoping to start my own tiny house journey this year but had to face financial reality, so I was stricken when I saw your story: you achieved the dream, and then had it ripped away! Im so happy for you guys, and I hope you decide to live in the house. And, send some of that good tiny house mojo my way: maybe with a little luck and a miracle, I can achieve my dream too!

  89. i was praying since you announced it was gone. i knew it would come back. im very happy to hear it came back so soon and in shape you left it in. God Bless

  90. Casey,

    Like you, I designed and built my tiny house. Like you, I built incessantly after work, on weekends, and it has consumed much of my life for two years. Like you, I experienced several disappointments in materials/workshops and super “tiny house ego’s” within the movement. However, no matter how difficult the challenge, the financial/social and cultural sacrifice, I still keep faith in the tiny house movement and most of its people. And I am glad you have too.

    Like all movements and in life, their are charlatans, scammers, skimmers, hop-a-longs. One thing I know for sure, though, the majority of us are good, supportive, caring folks whose underlying reasons for attraction to the movement are sound. As I stated in my article on tinyhouselistings.com years ago, the sustainable tiny life is the sustainability imperative at work.

    Sustainable community members “have each other’s backs”.

    I look forward to you and your family’s recovery from this and all your new “tiny life” stories. Hope to see you “down the road”.

  91. I got here from Facebook. I’m so happy to see that your story has a happy ending. I felt bad for you when I read about the house being stolen, and worse when I read about some of the negative comments people made. Seriously, who expects a house to get stolen? It’s not something that ever would have occurred to me before I read your story, but some people just can’t stop themselves from trying to blame the victim. Once again, I’m really glad that you have the house back, and I’ll tell the friend who shared your picture to spread the news.

  92. So glad your story had a happy ending! There are good and bad out there so it’s good you have a locking system now and a social media family to pick up your spirits when things like this happen! I am very happy that your home was found! Yippee!

  93. My local nightly news channel 9 here at Minneapolis Minneota tonight featured your story. So happy for you that your investment of time and money is found, back in your possession.

    Also very good advise about the security tools/equipment. Not a topic we see on many tiny house workshops or blogs. Should be #1 after the purchase of the trailer.

    Take care, love your YouTube videos!!!

  94. I’m so pleased to hear that your Tiny House is on it’s way home to you 🙂 A real Happy New Year outcome!

    Now I’m hooked, I’m looking forward to hearing your adventures in the wee hoose!

    Greetings from Scotland,

  95. HOORAAYYYY!!! My husband and I honestly felt sick as we read you and your wife’s posts about the tiny house being stolen. I sat in shock for a few minutes as I imagined coming home from work to see our house had been stolen! We spent 2013 building our tiny house and then more finish work, move to a semi-permanent location, landscaping, and solar power in 2014. It was as if I could feel your pain and anger as I read your words. I thought back to all the bullshit, the naysayers, internet trolls, the grueling work and just as grueling conditions, the expense, the doubts, the fear, the energy it takes to keep churning out self-confidence and determination…. I wanted to write to you immediately after reading, but didn’t even know where to begin. I have followed every post that has been attached to your story and couldn’t wait to update my husband when the possible sighting was posted. We are SO HAPPY that you were able to recover your home and find it untouched/undamaged. I hope you can find it in yourself to continue forward, even though you said you were done with tiny houses. Please keep going! Continue on the path you have been working towards for so long! There are so many of us rooting for you! 🙂 – Jess & Dan

  96. Sorry to hear your news. My Friend once lived in Spring Branch and he also had a series of stolen items. He moved near me. I have a place ready also out 87 you may use in short notice if you wish. Photos on the same site as email address ( www ) Already have RV pad and 30 Amp. Saving money to make my own tiny house hope its not 35K. Neighbors there do look out for each other. Anything out of the ordinary the phone is called.

  97. I’ve been checking your site daily since your first post. I am absolutely thrilled! I can imagine your elation! Will certainly be following your adventures from here on in!

  98. I am doing the “happy dance”, this made my day!!! I am so thankful you have your house back. May you enjoy it for years!!!!!

  99. I am very glad that you have your home back and that it is intact. My suggestion would be to sell the land and keep your home in storage and locked up, continue to tweak anything that still needs to be done while there. Give your selves the year to soak in the loss and return as well as run your lease out. At the same time look for a different piece of property to purchase. By the years end you both would have changed your minds for your tiny home and if not rent it out with the land. Make money while you rent your apartment. Do not give up on your dream. You could also make it into a vacation rental or rent it to people that want to feel what it is like to live in a tiny home with out owning their own yet. See what they like and do not like. Hence they are learning and you two are earning! ~Peace~

    1. I am not a troll and I don’t mean to be condemning, I did comment on another site about the hitch lock from the standpoint of an RV. I read your post and heard your pain, anger and grief, however, I didn’t understand giving up on your dream. I like the idea that this person mentioned of give yourself some time to grieve, explore other options and then make your choice. Also having a tiny house doesn’t have to be just on a trailer. It can be minus the wheels, which would make it just as “tiny” just not mobile.

  100. I’m glad you got your home back. I am sure I would have thrown up at the news it was missing. I’m getting ready to build my tiny house. Your blog with all the flowery speech was really helpful. Searching for a trailer right now. Btw I’d never heard of a hitch lock until now.

  101. I’m so sorry you’ve had to go through all this. I’m thrilled your home was found and hope it can eventually bring you joy again. I will have my TH this May and had not considered the possibility some asshat would even think to steal it. I will now take the precautions you’ve suggested and thank you sincerely for preventing me from going through the same heartache. Peace.

  102. Yay!!!! I was so sad for you guys when I read the other post about the house being stolen (and sympathetic — holy shit, I’ve met some of those mean & rude tiny house people as well). I’m just thrilled that you guys got the house back and are feeling better. Yaaaayyyyy!

  103. So glad you got your home back! I do hope you reconsider about your land. That someone violated you there and stole your home is not the fault of your property. Sounds like they weren’t from around there either. Blessings, I’m so happy your home was recovered!

  104. So very, very happy for you guys! I saw the blog pop on my FB page and was feelin’ for you guys, having been there with some serious theft, though not nearly as heartbreaking. (Bastards stole my truck, found it wrecked a month later).

    Came home and saw this post and was overjoyed you guys got your home back; the blood and sweat not gone to vain because of some low-life scum.


  105. Glad you got it back. Never realized saving the planet and being a Master Sustainabilchemist could be so risky!!

  106. I understand the tiny home thing, but since you purchased a lot, and plan on leaving it there. Take the wheels off and block it up. The tires will become a maint issue. They will sit there and dry rot and have to be replaced any way…….

  107. I came across your previous post because a family member had posted it on Facebook. What I read, was horrible. I felt your pain and aggravation. After reading that one, I choose to subscribe to your blog as I wanted to know what happened next.
    My husband and I are not a part of the tiny house group, however we do have a plan of living life in our RV once he retires. That is our version of the tiny house!
    I have read some of the responses that you received, and I can say with full certainty that I am a part of the, “don’t give up on your dreams” crowd. I personally have been forced to go through some evilly imposed events in my life thanks to the horrid cruelty treatment of another person. It was not an easy task to come out on the other side with a continuing positive heart of my own. However, I decided to choose to create a better life of love and happiness rather than letting someone else undermine my life. As I read this post, I was ecstatic to see that you are doing the same!! While there are evil horrible people in this world, the wonderful ones are always there for us, even when they don’t even know us!!
    Should my reply to your post get looked over with all the fabulous responses you are receiving, that is peachy, I’m just glad to hear and read that it sounds like you are not going to give up or allow some stupid idiotic person change your plans!! 🙂 awesome!!! And, congrats to Bexar County Sheriff Department!! Actually, BIG Cudos,to them, and you and your wife!!

  108. If this ever happens to anyone else here, you should immediately begin a daily search of Craigslist for ads for it! Not only in the local area, but also nationally. There are several good sites that will do a national or regional search (based on your entered maximum distance from a zip code, etc) using keywords (get your keywords right). You can also use these sites to find good deals on anything without opening each city/region separately in Craigslist. I like searchtempest.com; it’s all I need. Also out there are: dailylister.com, zoomthelist.com, and adhuntr.com. If you need to go back in HISTORY for web pages that craigslist, ebay, etc have removed, there is archive.org – which can pull up some Craigslist and other data based on a time range. BUT…..https://www.harmari.com/search/craigslist/ is a site which has a thorough history of craigslist ads. It’s only for people in law enforcement, regulatory agencies, insurance, lawyers, private detectives, etc (to register you’ll need a licence or badge, etc)…but if needs be you can find someone with those creds to use it for you to help you out.

  109. I just read about story and I am happy for you that it ended with a happy ending!! I am moving toward Tiny House living and hope to be in one in the not too distant future.

    Thank you for sharing your story and the additional information about securing it. I had not thought about that but now I will be making a purchase to secure my new home!

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