*SOLD* 22′ Tiny House For Sale – $20,000

The house is now sold.

Tiny House for Sale

That’s right, folks.  As discussed in a prior post, we’ve decided to sell our house and move on to the next chapter of our lives.  I want to be completely transparent with exactly how much we’re selling for, and how much has been invested in the house / how much more work needs to be done.  Let’s get to it!

Current Costs Invested

I’ve finished the spreadsheet I started in 2012 to completely sum up almost every single cost we’ve incurred on this Tiny House journey.  I have elected to keep the things that aren’t currently in the house out of the list.  These items include:

  1. Interior light fixtures not yet installed
  2. LG Mini Split Air Conditioner / Heater
  3. Kitchen Faucet / Bathroom Faucet & IKEA Sink
  4. Tub Faucet
  5. 50 AMP RV plug / cable
  6. And a couple more…

These are items that are pretty personal to each individual homeowner, so I’m leaving it up to the potential buyer whether or not they want to pick those out themselves, or buy them from me at a bulk discount, after making an offer on the house.

I have embedded the Google Spreadsheet showing all the costs I’ve incurred, but you can also view the spreadsheet in a full-screen browser tab at this link:

Tiny House Expenses @ Google Docs

I’ve almost certainly left out some (possibly a lot) of the expenses from this project, as I only recorded Lowe’s and Amazon purchases.  I made a couple purchases at Home Depot and from other independent websites online, and I couldn’t find those receipts to add to this list.

I’ll estimate my total costs right around $21,000 at this point.

What’s Left to Be Done?


I’ve wired the house to take 50 amps (45, technically) to run.  The A/C takes 220V, and is run on a 15 amp breaker.  If you decided to plug your A/C in outside the house on a pole outlet (or something not attached to the house), you’ll only need 20 amps to run the house’s other two 10 amp circuits.

I have all of the outlets, and I’ve labeled all the Romex going into the electrical boxes, but you can also have an electrician come in to plug in all the outlets.  (Or you can break out the multimeter and DIY it! – Disclaimer: I recommend you hire an electrician to install the remaining outlets).


The siding needs a couple final pieces of Hardie plank installed up at the top of each wall, and if you want a fascia board, you’ll need to install that too.  My bird’s notches are pretty skinny, so you’ll have to drill a pilot hole up the 2×4 roof rafters’ shafts to properly screw in your fascia.  Long ago, I installed netting at all the wall-to-roof openings (except the porch roof) to keep birds/insects/animals out.

The paint is not finished yet (obviously) – we’ll include the paint with the sale, unless you want to paint it a different color than charcoal gray.

The porch ceiling needs two more pieces of Southern Yellow Pine T&G to be completely closed in.  Lowe’s item# 338435.

The exterior wall area where the loft dormer section starts needs to be sided with whatever you choose.


The drywall needs to be finished being taped/floated.  You’ll need to come up with a cabinet design scheme and build those (I’ll supply my Google Sketchup file so you can model the cabinets off of my design, if you want).

I’ll included the pieces of wood I’ve already cut for the Ofuro Soaking Tub (all of them), and you can decided to either Fiberglas them or have a metal shop build a stainless steel insert.  I suggest the stainless steel route.  You’ll also need to drill a drain hole through the trailer floor for the tub.

You’ll need to install underlayment and flooring – you can choose tile for the bathroom (for water), or hardwood / laminate everywhere; the choice is yours.

Extras for Sale

If you’re interested in purchasing these extras that I purchased for the house (but never used), they will add $1,500 to the cost of the house, taking the total to $21,500.  You can also just purchase these items yourself – please let me know what you decide.

LG LS090HEV Mini Split A/C with Heat Pump – I bought it when it was $1,055, so not sure if this is a newer different model, but it’s the same number.
Summit 24″ Recirculating Vent Hood
Pfister Jaida Bathroom Faucet
IKEA LILLÅNGEN Bathroom Sink Basin – with separate mounting brackets
Delta Shower Handle – This one works with the Delta diverter valve installed in the shower area.
Eccotemp Propane Water Heater
2 x Grenoble Brushed Nickel Living Room Light Housings

Current Photos

I took these photos after dropping the house off at the storage facility where it’s currently parked.


The asking price is $27,500 26,500 $24,000 $20,000.  You can rest assured that I have over-engineered the living daylights out of this house.  If you want to see pictures documenting the build process, either browse the Tiny House section of this site, or visit my Flickr page, which shows every single Tiny House photo I’ve ever taken.

You’ll need to arrange shipping, or rent a truck to drive the Tiny House to your location.  I suggest at least a 2500-level truck.

If you have any questions at all, don’t hesitate to ask, either in the comments section on this page, or via the contact form on this site.

I’d ask that you please only contact me with serious offers.  I’ll allow comments on this post, but if the comments diverge into a discussion about how Tiny Houses are too expensive, I’ll moderate the comments.

Trimble (Google) Sketchup File

If you’d like to see our intended cabinet / kitchen / bathroom setup, feel free to take a look at this Sketchup File.  (This is by no means a set of floor plans – it’s just the Sketchup file I made to move things around.)  Be sure to open the ‘Layers’ window, and remove the sheathing and drywall layers to see inside the house more easily.

Casey Friday’s Tiny House Sketchup

39 Replies to “*SOLD* 22′ Tiny House For Sale – $20,000”

  1. Since it is not complete it would be great if you could share your floor plan. It is hard to tell from the pictures the lay out. Good luck in your new tiny apartment home!

  2. I was looking at what you labeled as “Strange Prints” They are not shoe or boot prints. I thought they were tire but there are too many “ribs” for that. It was something black with corrugations like flexible drainage pipe for rain water underground ect. Perhaps a large shop vac hose?
    Sorry for being off topic but studying these things is part of what I do for a living.

  3. It must have been heart-breaking when your tiny house was stolen. It looked like you had put a lot of effort into it. I noticed that you used Hardi Plank and sheetrock on it. That’s what I wanted to do. Then I took a Tumbleweed weekend class. That’s the first thing I told them I wanted to do. And they told me that’s not a good idea because it’s too heavy for the trailer, and it cracks and breaks moving down the road. Did you find that had happened when you got your tiny house back? Do you know if it went far?

    1. It went about 200 miles total so far, and not a single Hardie Plank or Sheetrock crack. I didn’t finish taping and floating, and the areas that only had one layer of drywall mud did have small cracks in them, but they weren’t even finished yet.

      Macy Miller also used drywall in her house, and she experienced no cracking at all while transporting it. Also, if it does crack, drywall is ridiculously easy to repair, so it wouldn’t really matter anyway.

      We also went to a Tumbleweed workshop, and we were pretty upset with how often that company changes its stance on things.

  4. Casey, have you sold the TH yet? What would be the towing requirements, I have. 6cy suv, I’m hoping to get something I can tow with it,.

    Hope you and the wife enjkyed that Lemon Meringue Pie!

    1. Hi Soozie,

      No, you cannot tow the tiny house with a 6-cylinder SUV. It likely weighs between 8-10k lbs, and you’ll need a 2-series truck for that (i.e. F250, 2500, etc). Tiny Houses aren’t great for constant towing – the main reason they’re built on wheels is to be able to build small and get around building codes.

      What Lemon Meringue Pie?

  5. What are the stats on the land? Cost, size, city or county, codes, etc. I live in Cibolo and work at SA airport area. Thanks

  6. Hello I was interested in trying to find a small lot to build a tiny home on. I was looking at lots around the Canyon Lake area. This is all knew to me.I am selling my home up near Amarillo and wanted to be closer to the kids and grandkids. Just been driving around and looking on my own ugh.Some lots in some neighborhoods only allow 900sq ft minimum homes to be built ugh.I am a single grandma that just wants a small place to raise a chicken or two lol. May be you can help me.You are so far the only one that I have seen that has answers or a lot.Thank you Ruth

    1. Hi, Ruth. Right before the photo gallery on this page, I have included the HOA agreement. The lot we have near Canyon Lake in Spring Branch has very lax requirements, which is why we decided on it in the first place.

      We’ve listed the lot at $8,000, which is even lower than I have it listed for on this website (will update that now). I’ll provide you with our listing agent’s info as soon as she confirms that the listing is up and running.

  7. If I were to bid and win would you be willing to finish the inside. For exampl I would buy the extras from you would finish it. I’m handicap I’m 53 yo female with a right below the knee amputee. I have had breast cancer twice so I’m in remission right now . I would like white kitchen cabinets, gas stove the small one a bigger fridge

    1. Hi Suzanne,

      No, I will not finish the house for free labor, let alone finish it at all. You can find a contractor to finish the house. Here is the fridge we were planning to get, so if you are actually interested in buying the house, you can purchase that fridge when you purchase the house.

  8. Hi Casey,

    Cool to see you’re in San Antonio, TX! I live in Austin. I’ve been into the tiny house movement for awhile now. As you have noted in a previous blog post, I hate a good portion of the tiny house community. I have some background in construction and always laugh when people say things like “Why does that tiny house cost $60,000?! That’s a rip off!” or “I could build a tiny house for $5,000!” Okay…. It’s pretty laughable and frustrating how little people know about the construction process and huge amount of time that goes into it (time=money).

    There is one tiny house couple who are a bit frustrating. They build their tiny house and and are now spending a year traveling around the country to speak at different places about their journey and building process. Get this–they want people to fund their cross-country trip. They both quit their jobs because they didn’t like them that much (newsflash, a lot of people don’t) and now they want people to pay their way of their trip. Dumb.

    I do have some questions. How did you go about financing the tiny house? (savings?) Is the house still for sale?


    1. Thanks for the comment, Colin. Yep, people are ridiculous. I found the couple you mentioned, and I totally agree with you. There’s another person involved heavily in the “tiny house community” who once threw up a donation page to fund his family building a Tiny House so that they could live in it and travel around the US – ‘for the good of the Tiny House community’. No shit! That project lasted about two days before it was taken down completely.

      We paid for every bit of the tiny house with cash, as we went along. Some things were charged to credit cards, but only amounts that we paid off before the bill was due. We never charged anything we didn’t pay back immediately (I just like the points).

      The house is still for sale. I’ve gotten a couple of emails from interested parties, but they aren’t responding after I respond to their initial emails; so we’ll see how it goes.


    2. What dumbass would spend $60,000 for a house that fits on a utility trailer? You either place way too much value on your time or not near enough on money. If it takes you that long to build a storage shed with a capper in it, it’s probably because you don’t know what you’re doing. I’d like to meet the jack turd who bought this one for 20K. Ever hear of “depreciation “?

      1. Well you’re just a right little asshole, aren’t you? I hope you feel better after getting that tantrum out of your system. Thanks for taking a break from Reddit to visit my site.

  9. Me and my wife are in love with tiny houses and we would like to explore the option of buying a TINY HOUSE also in San Antonio Tx Please email me I would love to find out how we can invest !!!!!

  10. Dear Casey, I just bought a Skyline Nomad 238RB travel trailer for $16,550 and have thoroughly searched out the best security for my Travel Trailer. The Mega Hitch is one of the 4 I’m checking out. The other 3 are: The Trailer Gater, the Crock Lock, and The Steal Shield. But the main reason I’m writing you is really about the wheel lock you choose. The One you choose does not cover the wheel lug nuts, so anybody could take off the Lugnuts and change the tire. The best one that I have found so far is the Brahma Trailer Wheel Lock for $279. It is very beefy and completely covers the hub of the wheel. The ‘Trimax Lock TWL 100’ one does cover the hub, but turns out to be really cheap according to the many reviews, so not worth buying. Watch the videos on the Brahma Trailer Wheel Lock. That’s the one I’m about to buy. Best of luck to you and glad you got your tiny house back. Also here’s a link to an inexpensive GPS tracker for $150. http://www.spyemporium.com/gps-tracker-system/mini-car-tracker/?m=no Also there’s ‘OnStar’ tracking and actually there are many at all different price ranges. Best Regards, OrvIAm@yahoo.com

    1. I also read bad reviews about the Trimax, which is why I ended up with the wheel locks that I did. I figured if a thief wants to bring two extra 10-ply tires to replace the ones currently on the trailer, there’s not much that won’t stop motivation like that.

      I’ll definitely be using the Mega Hitch Lock on all trailers I own in the future. That thing is incredibly beefy. Thanks for the comment!

      1. Thanks for all the valuable (and truthful) info. I live in a city in a regular house, but fantasize about tiny houses to get out of debt and simplify my life. This puts a whole new spin on things.
        And curiously, even if I could afford a second house (tiny) in the country, I’m more afraid of theft in the country than I am the city. Seems I could have good reason.
        Anyway, thanks again.

  11. Hey Casey,

    Congrats on selling your tiny house! My husband and I are also located in San Antonio and we’re seriously considering having a tiny house built. I’ve been scouring the internet looking for a nice place to park the house (that’s not in a trailer park) as renters, but nothing is coming up. Do you know of any places or have any leads for me to check out? Any help is appreciated!



    1. Hey Brittany,

      When my wife and I were looking for land, we just searched “unrestricted land” on land.com, but as that worked out pretty poorly for us 😉 I can’t wholeheartedly suggest doing that.

      My suggestion would be to try and find someone with a large property (not even enormous – just big enough that there would be a spot for your tiny house), and try to park it there. You’ll just need to get a 30 amp (or however much power your house needs) extension cable, and water extension, and figure out the grey water.

      We used to subscribe to the Caretaker Gazette, and we’ll probably re-subscribe to that soon. It’s an email newsletter that shares land owners / parks looking for people to park their RV’s on property, and then take care of the grounds, or do other minor chores. It’s also for house-sitting, but we subscribed to find the parking opportunities. That might be a good lead for you.

      Good luck with your tiny house – I hope you can find a trustworthy builder!

  12. Hi Casey do you have a blog on your Tiny house experience or others in our area that know about land or communities….just info in general, would like to start searching for my dream home.

  13. OMG i love the tiny home thing going on lol my gf is 4’10 and she stays with her parents id so live for her to have a tiny home one day they are so cute i live in san antonio also and i would like to roll by one day and take a picture of it and sgow my gf that they do exist here in s.a ha she aint seen one up and cloae2but id be lucky to even be in one

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