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I’ve been a fan of Jason Mraz since about 2001, and I actually realized earlier this week that he has surpassed Incubus as my all-time favorite artist.  It was hard for me to accept that fact, since I’ve been to three Incubus concerts and loved their music so much for so long; however, sometimes things just change.

Awesome Artists Share

Strengthening my enjoyment of Jason Mraz as an artist is the fact that he allows people to record his live shows and post them to!  If you haven’t already browsed for some great free content, you really need to.  I was previously looking for content to test how full I could get one of my retroMods, and I came across just a ton of Jason Mraz content. is full of free content.  The catch is that some of it is just recorded from one microphone location, which is nowhere near as clear as taking all of the performers microphones and running them into a sound board.  However, there is one recording of Jazon Mraz that defies that standard.

Never Thought I’d Settle Down in Ootmarsum

Jason Mraz performed in Ootmarsum, Netherlands, in 2007.  It was a “garden concert”, with just a handful of people there.  The majority of the concert is Jason singing and playing his guitar, and for three or four songs, he invites a local drummer up on stage.  The audio quality of this recording is phenomenal.

Seriously, get out your good headphones and get ready for some sonic awesomeness.  This is one of the best-sounding recordings I’ve ever heard, rivaling Dave Matthews Live at Radio City and Adele Live at the Royal Albert Hall.

The best thing about this recording is that you can download it in uncompressed FLAC format (Free Lossless Audio Codec), and get the full fidelity of being there, live at the concert.  Jessica thought I was playing my guitar from one room away when she heard me listening to it.

Download the High Quality Audio

Wanna See it Too?

Although the audio is not as high-quality as the FLAC download, you can also watch this concert on YouTube.  I personally suggest downloading the audio and then syncing it to the YouTube video (on mute), so you can get the benefit of watching and listening to it.

The audio recording does flip two songs, which makes it confusing, since Jason talks to someone on the phone, saying he’ll play “Live High” for him and his girlfriend, but the audio recording puts that one track behind where it should be.  Nonetheless, check it out one way or the other!

And a Curious Bonus

If that’s not enough to completely whet your whistle, here’s a video of Jason with Raining Jane, playing my favorite Jason Mraz song of all time.  This recording is just MAGICAL.

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