Apartment Living; How it’s Going

After deciding to go a different route than Tiny House, we moved into an apartment. We were sure to get the apartment exactly how we wanted when we first moved in, because we didn’t want to feel like we were “living out of a suitcase” like we often did over the course of the past four years. So we headed up to IKEA and got some nice stuff, combined with some stuff that we already had from previous purchases, and we got all set up.

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We really like how our set up apartment looks, but to be honest, we just really hate San Antonio, so it doesn’t feel like “home” should. I’ve worked at a standup desk since my USAA job, starting in 2005. Although I really enjoy my standing desk here, sometimes I just wish I could sit down and work for a couple minutes. If my back ever starts to get sore from standing up and working, sitting down means not working, since I work with a stationary desktop computer.

Obviously having a laptop would make the transition easier, but I don’t have a laptop right now (currently looking for one to replace the desktop). This isn’t something I could have predicted before setting up my standing workstation, as I’ve enjoyed standing stations for over 10 years now. It’s a small niggle, but it’s a niggle nonetheless.

The Great Stuff About Apartment Living, Compared to Rural Tiny

The apartment has running water. The apartment has electricity. The apartment is hooked up for internet. If anything breaks, one maintenance request on the website, and the crew will be here to fix it within 48 hours.

Where we were going to be living – in Spring Branch – there was no running water. We would have had to put in a couple 1,000gal water tanks and a water pressure pump. If that thing broke, I would be sweating my ass off trying to fix it for who knows how long. It’s just really nice to be in an apartment that already has all of this stuff set up.

The location in Spring Branch also had fiber internet, but the gigabit connection cost $300/month. Seriously, THREE HUNDRED dollars per month, for internet. The top-tier Time Warner connection is “only” 300mbps, but it comes with promo pricing of $65/month. We dropped that connection down to 50/5, and we’re now paying $35/month, but with the occasional outages that I call in about, we’re honestly getting the internet for free. 😀

Another great thing about apartment living is the fridge and dishwasher. We would not have as big a fridge as we do here in a tiny house, and it’s really nice to be able to load it up with two weeks worth of food, so that we don’t have to go out as often as we would have had to in the Tiny House. The dishwasher is great because we’ve washed dishes by hand before, and not only does a dishwasher use less water – it’s LESS WORK. I can’t emphasize enough how little I care to be a “Pioneer Man” and act like technology doesn’t exits.

Dishwashers are great, and I’m stoked to have one in our apartment.

Our apartment is probably smaller than most, at around 690 sq ft. That’s three times bigger than our tiny house, but it’s a very nice layout. We definitely make the most of the space, and we don’t feel like there are any areas that are wasted.

Full Size Washer and Dryer

We would have been using either a laundromat or the Wonder Wash and Mini Spinner for our laundry, but if I’m being completely honest, I fucking love having a full size washer and dryer. Seriously, they work incredibly well, and they save so much extra time. It also helps that I got a slick deal on both of them that brought a sale price of $490 each down to $350 each. Expensive overall, but such a nice convenience to have.

Wii U and Gaming

We haven’t played the Wii U a lot lately, but it’s been really nice when we have felt like playing it to be able to just pop it on my 27″ computer display, and get in some Super Mario 3D World or Mario Kart 8. I also get some Titanfall play in on the PC partition of my desktop, which is a nice stress-reliever.

Another surprise benefit of this somewhat small apartment is that the WiFi coverage is fantastic. We’re on the third floor, and when we go outside with @sammy_bichon behind our apartment, we still get WiFi down there on the ground. Since we don’t have data plans on our phones, this works out great.

We use a TP Link Archer C7 WiFi AC router, and being able to be so close to it with an AC-equipped laptop (Jess’ MacBook Air) makes throughput speeds fantastic, even when she’s only browsing a 50mbps limited internet connection. Our phones don’t need to max out an AC connection, but it’s nice to have such a strong WiFi connection throughout the apartment. I also got quite lucky in that the Archer C7 is one of the most stable routers I’ve ever used. I have only restarted it to apply firmware updates, but it has never crashed on its own. It’s a fantastic router.


We got an awesome bed, that was shipped to our apartment in a small box that fit through the door easily, if you can believe that. The bed is a Tuft & Needle 10″ King mattress, and it feels absolutely awesome. We have it situated in an IKEA Malm bed frame, and that frame is crazy solid.

We’ve only had as large as a Queen bed before, and this King bed is incredible. We both like to sprawl, so it’s really nice to be able to throw ourselves in whatever position we want, and still both be comfortable throughout the night. I really like our bed setup.

So That’s It!

There are some really great aspects to apartment living, but the main thing we don’t like about our apartment is the city it’s located in. We just wish there were more to do in San Antonio, but that’s not the case. The city seems to expand in such a way to encourage people to either stay in their houses, or only go as short a distance as possible to get to the nearest food chain, because let’s face it: the only thing to do in San Antonio is eat yourself to death.

We’re more complacent in this apartment than we are super happy with it. It’s doing its job for now, but it’s really just a reminder of where we sit while we deal with all the stress of the past four years. I know this isn’t the kitschy, cutesy blog post you see on apartment therapy about how fantastic apartment living is, but the fact of the matter is that after having our Tiny House stolen by meth heads, there was no way we would simply fall into place in the next step of our life journey. We have a better idea of what to do to make our lives better, and now we’re just working on implementing it.

9 Replies to “Apartment Living; How it’s Going”

  1. So what’s the next step? Totally agree with your assessment of San Antonio as well… Insert plug to move to Colorado here…

    1. Well, the tiny house just sold (!!!), so now we’re game-planning on what we want to do next. Colorado sounds nice; we’ve been to Boulder two or three times and loved it. Not sure if we’d move there, but might stop by for a bit, for sure!

    1. It does work with jeans, but it’s just like the spin cycle on a washing machine, so it won’t completely dry your clothes – it’ll just spin most of the water out of them, and then you’ll need to hang dry (or similar) until they are completely dry.

      1. thank you! i noticed the company has a bigger model but two times price. Looks like I dont have to get a bigger one! i live by myself. most of my clothes should be fine

  2. I used to watch you on youtube when you were building your tiny house. You seemed so gung ho to git er done and live life in it. Wow It must have just been a phase you were going through.

  3. I respectfully disagree with the “phase” comment. The idea of building a tiny house is so appealing! Debt free living, wow! But then after going through the process of trying to build one, getting the land which is incredibly challenging, then having it stolen, it becomes abundantly clear that our society is designed for big McMansions or condos, not small stand-alone dwellings. I found a 400sq foot home in big bear lake, CA, built on a foundation and legally to code, as well as a double wide by the beach in Leucadia. I thought the mobile home would be a starter home “phase”, but it’s so economical it made more sense to stay and buy a second home than rent an apartment…prices here are insane in Encinitas, CA! The infrastructure is there for the tiny home in big bear and for the double wide in the manufactured home park, but to brave it on my own would be really tough. Hopefully the future will change! Kudos to you for trying,… I get it!

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