Isn’t Gravity Great?

When I’m driving down the street, I often think about how scary it would be if gravity just stopped working, and we all started floating toward the sky.  Revving the engine to no avail, trying desperately to get back to what we currently know as “down”.

I’m sure that sounds strange to most people, who simply drive to their destinations, only bothered by the fact that their car doesn’t have enough bluetooth or screens.  Nonetheless, I think of these ridiculous scenarios all the time.

Well that shit just got a whole lot scarier after reading Influx, by Daniel Suarez.  After reading this book, I now have a very vivid image of what that would be like.

I thought that I was a slow reader, because the books I’ve been trying to read over the past three years – I’ve read slowly.  Well, I take that back.  I read the Hunger Games trilogy pretty quickly (c’mon third book – YOU WERE INCOMPREHENSIBLE), and I also powered through the Girl w/Dragon Tattoo series.  But the other books I’ve been trying to read have been non-fiction, mainly reference books.

It turns out I’m not such a slow reader, but it just takes me longer to get through non-fiction and reference books (if I can finish them at all).  The cure?  Read more fiction.

When I was a kid, I would buy the new Goosebumps book from WalMart every sunday, and finish it in an hour or so.  I remember lots of stuff I used to enjoy reading, like Jerry Spinelli, the Boxcar Kids, Animorphs, and more.  But as I got older, I though I needed to be reading stuff to further my education, rather than things to further my imagination.

As it turns out, furthering my imagination DOES further my education, because it motivates me to take on new projects that I wouldn’t have otherwise taken on.  Reading just this one fiction novel has given me more ideas and inspired me to start more new things than reading an SEO Reference Book ever would.  When I read about characters being badasses, I want to be a badass too.

I’ve already started Daemon by Daniel Suarez, and I’m excited to go to the Library and pick up other random books to get my imagination going again.  I’ve spent far too long taking myself far too seriously, and now it’s time to rev up my creative badassery.

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